The Wilderness Campaign
Summary of the Principal Events

May 4, 1864 Advance of the Army of the Potomac
  Skirmish near Chancellorsville
May 5-7, 1864 Battle of the Wilderness (including combats at Parker's Store, Craig's Meeting-House, the Brock Road, Todd's Tavern, the Furnaces, &c.).
May 7, 1864 Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
May 8, 1864 Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
May 8-21, 1864 Operations about Spotsylvania Court-House (including combats at Todd's Tavern, Corbin's Bridge, Alsop's Farm, and Laurel Hill (8th); the Ny River and the Po River (10th); the Angle or the Salient (12th); Piney Branch Church (15th); Harris' Farm (19th); Stanard's Mill and Guiney's Station (21st), &c.).
May 9, 1864 Brig. Gen. Horatio G. Wright, U.S. Army, assumes command of the Sixth Army Corps.
May 9-24, 1864 Sheridan's expedition from Todd's Tavern to the James River (including combats at Davenport (9th); Beaver Dam Station, North Anna, and Davenport Ford (9th and 10th); Ground Squirrel Bridge or Church, Glen Allen Station, Ashland, and Yellow Tavern (11th); Meadow Bridges, Mechanicsville, Strawberry Hill, Brook Church or Richmond Fortifications (12th); and skirmishes en route at Mattapony Church, Jones' Bridge, Haxall's, White House Landing, Hanover Court-House, &c.).
May 22 -
June 1, 1864
Operations on the line of the North Anna, the Pamunkey, and the Totopotomoy Rivers (including combats at Quarles' Mills, Ox Ford, and Jericho Bridge, or Ford, or Mills, on the North Anna (May 23-26); Hanover Junction, Sexton's Station, Mount Carmel Church, Dabney's Ferry, Hanovertown, Little River, Pole Cat Creek, and Salem Church (May 27); Aenon Church, Jones' Farm, Crump's Creek, and Haw's Shop (May 28); Totopotomoy River (May 28-31); Matadequin Creek, Old Church, Shady Grove, and Armstrong's Farm (May 30); Mechump's Creek, Shallow Creek, Turner's Farm, and Bethesda Church (May 31); Ashland (June 1), &c.)
May 24, 1864 The Ninth Army Corps assigned to the Army of the Potomac
May 29, 1864 Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
May 31-
June 12, 1864
Operations at and about Cold Harbor
June 3, 1864 Action at Haw's Shop
  Skirmish near Via's House
June 7-24, 1864 The Trevilian Raid (including combats at Trevilian Station and Newark or Mallory's Cross-Roads (11th and 12th); King and Queen Court-House (18th and 20th); White House or Saint Peter's Church, and Black Creek or Tunstall's Station (21st); Jones' Bridge (23d); and Saint Mary's Church (24th), &c.).
June 10, 1864 Skirmish at Old Church
June 12, 1864 Action at Long Bridge
  Skirmish at White House Landing