Jackson's Valley Campaign
Summary of The Principal Events

May 15, 1862. Jackson's command returns from McDowell to Shenandoah Valley.
May 18, 1862. Skirmish at Woodstock
May 21, 1862. Reconnaissance from Front Royal to Browntown.
May 23, 1862 Action at Front Royal.
  Skirmish at Buckton Station.
May 24, 1862. Frémont ordered to move from Franklin, W. Va., against Jackson.
  McDowell ordered to put 20,000 men in motion for the Shenandoah, &c.
  Skirmish at Berryville.
  Skirmish at Strasburg.
  Action at Middletown.
  Action at Newtown.
  Skirmish at Linden.
May 24-26, 1862. Retreat of Banks' command to Williamsport, Md.
May 24-30, 1862. Operations about Harper's Ferry.
May 25, 1862. Engagement at Winchester.
May 26, 1862. Skirmish near Franklin, W. Va.
May 27, 1862. Skirmish at Loudoun Heights.
May 28, 1862. Skirmish at Charlestown.
May 29, 1862. Skirmish near Wardensville, W. Va.
May 30, 1862. Action at Front Royal.
May 31, 1862 Skirmish near Front Royal.
  Jackson's command retires front Winchester
June 1, 1862. Skirmish at Mount Carmel, near Strasburg.
June 2, 1862 Skirmishes at Strasburg and Woodstock
June 3, 1862. Skirmish at Mount Jackson.
  Skirmish at Tom's Brook
June 6, 1862. Action near Harrisonburg.
June 7, 1862. Skirmish near Harrisonburg.
June 8, 1862 Rearrangement of the Mountain Department and Department of the Shenandoah.
  Battle of Cross Keys.
June 8-9, 1862. Engagements at Port Republic.
June 9, 1862. Shields' division ordered back to Luray, en route for Fredericksburg.
June 11-12, 1862 Frémont's command withdrawn to Mount Jackson.
June 12, 1862 Jackson's command encamps near Weyer's Cave.
June 13, 1862. Skirmish at New Market.
June 16, 1862 Skirmish near Mount Jackson.
June 17, 1862. Jackson's command moves toward Richmond