Timeline for the Battle of Fredericksburg

Dec 11, am: Confederate sniper fire delays completion of Federal pontoon bridges.

Dec 11: Federal artillery attempts to drive away Confederate sharpshooters but without success.

Dec 11, pm: Federal Infantry cross river in boats and force Confederates out of Fredericksburg.

Dec 13, 10:00-11:00 am: Pelham prevents main Federal attack with only one gun on Federal's flank.

Dec. 13, Noon: Following a Federal Bombardment, Meade attacks and is repulsed.

Dec 13, 1:00 pm: Meade renews his attack, breaching A.P. Hill's line through a marshy gap.

Dec 13, 1:30 pm: Gibbon attacks in support of Meade, capturing railroad.

Dec 13, 2:15 pm: Early counterattacks, driving Meade from the breakthrough.

Dec 13, 2:30 pm: Gibbon retreats before Confederate reinforcements.

Dec 13, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm: Confederates in strong positions repulse repeated attacks by Federals, with minimal loses.

Dec 13, 3:00 pm: Advancing Federal pickets precipitate a vicious counterattack form Law' Confederate brigade.
Source: "The Atlas of the Civil War" By James M. McPherson

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