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Strategy and Tactics In The American Civil War

        Strategy is sometimes defined as "the art of the general" while Webster defines it as "the science and and art of conducting a military campaign in its large-scale and long-term aspects."  It is distinguished from Tactics primarily in scope.  However, both strategy and tactics are founded in the "principles of war" which are the fundamental truths governing the prosecution of war.  To better understand why some of the military leaders of the Civil War performed as they did, it necessary to look at the "strategy" and the "tactics" as they existed at the time.  The following articles provide that look.

Anaconda Plan Winfield Scott's original strategy on how to crush the rebellion.
Art of War A great essay on how some of the tactics of the military geniuses of the past applied to the Civil War!
Civil War Strategy, The Early Years This is a copy of a Civil War Chat Room online discussion on how the strategy developed and evolved.
Confederate Strategy A brief explanation of the strategy of the Confederate States to win the war.
Influence of Napoleon on Civil War Tactics and Strategy An interesting essay that examines how Napoleon fought his wars influenced this one.  It might not surprise you to know that not everything worked.
Napoleonic Arithmetic This essay looks at how Napoleonic tactics influenced the outcome of the battle of Gettysburg.
Principles Of War See what the cadets learned at the "point" and did or did not use during the war.
Proposal for a Confederate Defensive Strategy This is an essay that looks at if the Confederates had used a different defensive strategy in the Civil War.  An interesting look at one of the great "what ifs" of the Civil War.  
Strategy A brief description of "strategy" as applied to the Civil War.
Strategy of the Civil War Leaders An interesting article on the subject of Civil War strategy
Tactics A brief description of "tactics" as applied to the Civil War.
The Evolution and Influence of Tactical Warfare in the American Civil War A very interesting essay on some of the tactics used in the Civil War.
Union Strategy A short article that shows what the Union strategy was to win the war.
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