Civil War Chatroom Book Chat
This is a Civil War book discussion that was scheduled and held in the Civil War Home Chatroom.  What you see is the chat between the members as it occurred.  Each session consisted of discussing 2 or 3 chapters of the selected book and lasted about 1-1 1/2 hours.

This Grand Havoc of Battle
Kenneth W. Noe

"This definitive account of Bragg's Kentucky Campaign places the battle squarely in the political and social context of Kentucky's Civil War. Based on new research, the book offers the most accurate depiction of what happened that fateful October day. 46 photos. 13 maps.

 Table of Contents

(Chat for Preface and Chapters 1 & 2)

1. Divided We Fall

3. The Enemy Is Before You
(Chat for Chapters 3 & 4)

5. A Babel Of Confusion
(Chat for Chapters 5 & 6)

7. To Strike a Blow
(Chat for Chapters 7 & 8)

9. A Small Sized Hell
(Chat for Chapters 9 & 10)

11. A Square, Stand-Up . . . Fight
(Chat for Chapters 11 & 12)

13. I Want No More Night Fighting

15. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
(Chat for Chapters 15 & 16 through the end of the book)

2. A Brilliant Summer Campaign

4. The Great Footrace

6. Blissful Ignorance

8. Enough Boys, for This Morning

10. Forward

12. Up the Hill Came the Rebels

Scenes of Blood and Suffering

16. The World Has Changed