Summary of the Principal Events
Of The 
Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 16 - September 2, 1862

Aug. 16, 1862 The Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate) advances from Gordonsville
Aug. 16-17,1862 Reconnaissance toward Louisa Court-House.
Aug. 17, 1862 Maj. Gen. James E. B. Stuart, C. S. Army, assigned to the command of all the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia
Aug. 18, 1862 Skirmishes near Rapidan Station and on Clark's Mountain
Aug.18-19,1862 The Army of Virginia (Union) retires to north bank of the Rappahannock
Aug. 20,1862 Skirmishes at Raccoon Ford, Stevensburg, Brandy Station, Rappahannock Station,
and near Kelly's Ford
Aug. 2l, 1862 Skirmishes along the Rappahannock, at Kelly's, Beverly (or Cunningham's), and Freeman's Fords, etc.
Aug. 22, 1862 Actions at Freeman's Ford and Hazel River and skirmishes along the Rappahannock
Aug. 22, 1862 Raid on Catlett's Station
Aug. 23,1862 Engagement at Rappahannock Station. Action at Beverly Ford. Skirmish at Fant's Ford
Aug. 23-24,1862 Actions at Sulphur (or Warrenton) Springs
Aug. 24-25,1862 Actions at Waterloo Bridge
Aug. 25,1862 Skirmish at Sulphur Springs
Aug. 26, 1862 Capture of Manassas Station
Aug. 26, 1862 Skirmishes at Bristoe Station, Bull Run Bridge, Gainesville, Hay Market, Manassas Junction, and Sulpher Springs
Aug. 27, 1862 Action at Bull Run Bridge
Aug. 27, 1862 Engagement at Kettle Run, near Bristoe Station. Skirmish at Buckland Bridge
(Broad Run). Skirmish near Salem Skirmish at Waterford
Aug. 28, 1862 Engagement at Thoroughfare Gap
Aug. 28,1862 Engagement near Gainesville
Aug. 28, 1862 Skirmishes at Centreville, Lewis' Ford, and Hay Market
Aug. 29, 1862 Battle of Groveton, or Manassas Plains
Aug. 30, 1862 Battle of Bull Run, Groveton Heights, or Second Manassas
Aug. 30, 1862 Skirmishes at Lewis' Ford and Waterloo Bridge
Aug. 31, 1862 Operations about Centreville and Chantilly
Aug. 31, 1862 Skirmish at Germantown
Sept. 1, 1862 Battle of Chantilly, or Ox Hill
Sept. 2, 1862 Skirmishes near Fairfax Court-House, Falls Church, and Vienna
Sept. 2, 1862 Affair at Flint Hill
Sept. 2, 1862 Skirmish near Leesburg
Sept. 2, 1862 Winchester evacuated by the Union forces
Sept. 2, 1862 The Army of Virginia merged into the Army of the Potomac, under command of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, U.S. Army

        Source:  Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

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