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Causes of the Civil War
Causes of the Civil War
Causes of the Civil War (From the Confederate View)
Causes of the Civil War: A North Georgia Perspective
Causes of the Civil War -- Economic and Sectional differences
Causes of the Civil War: The Fire-Eaters
Causes of the Civil War: A Balanced Answer
Cherokee Nation Joins CSA
Civil History of the Confederate States
Civil War and Historical Revisionism
Compromise of 1850
Compromise of 1850 & The Fugitive Slave Act
Compromise Efforts
Confederate Cause and Its Defenders
Cotton Promotes Slavery
Crisis at Fort Sumter
Crittenden Compromise

Declaration of Causes of Seceding States

First Wave of Secession
Forgotten Cause of the Civil War

Gathering Tempest, 1853-1860

Hidden War: Morale in the Civil War
Henry Clay: The Great Compromiser, Part I (with links to Parts II, III, & IV)

Kansas: The Prelude to the War for the Union

Legal Justification of the South in Secession
Lincoln's Tarriff War
Lincoln the Realist

Manifest Destiny: An Empire For Liberty or Slavery?

Ordinances of Secession of the 13 Confederate States of America

Secession & the Civil War in Alabama: A Detailed Time Line
Secession and Civil War, 1860-1862
Secession Crisis
Secession of the Southern States
Secession, The Union View
Secession and Liberty
Sectional Conflict
Sectional Strife to the End of Reconstruction
States' Rights
States' Rights  "Powers Reserved To The States"

Two Americas - North and South

What Caused the Civil War?

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Abraham Lincoln Timeline 
American Slavery to 1800 Timeline 
American Slavery and Sectionalism (with Mexican War) Timeline 

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events: 1860-1869

Chronological list of Civil War Battles
Chronology of the American Civil War
Chronology of Emancipation
Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism
Chronology of the Secession Crisis
Civil War and Reconstruction Timeline
Civil War at a Glance
Civil War Chronologies 
Civil War Timeline
Civil War Timeline

Expansion, Slavery, and Civil War Timeline 
Events in the West, 1860-1870

Jefferson Davis Chronology
John Brown Timeline 

Naval Chronology of the Civil War

Reconstruction and Jim Crow Timeline

Secession Crisis Chronology
Statutes of the U. S. Concerning Slavery
Timeline of the Civil War
Timeline of Civil War Events In Northern Virginia

US Civil War 1861-1865: Timeline and Photos

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Diplomacy/Foreign Involvement

1961-65 Diplomacy of the Civil War

American Question Abroad in the Civil War

Brazil Migration
British Consuls Resident in the Confederate States
British North Americans (Canadians) in Iowa Regiments  
Canadians in the American Civil War
Civil War's Last Great Peace Effort 
Confederate Bazaar at Liverpool
Correspondence of the Department of State,  in Relation to the British Consuls 
Cotton Diplomacy

Diplomacy and Intrigue: Confederate Relations with the Republic of Mexico
Diplomats and Diplomacy
Europe and the American Civil War
European Recruits

Foreign Influences in the Civil War 
Foreign Involvement
Foreign Observers (Photographs)

Hampton Roads Peace Conference
How One Pig Could Have Changed American History

Images of the Civil War - Foreign Observers
Influences of British Imperialist Economic Fortunes on Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition 

Lincoln's Meeting With Members of the Confederate Government at Hampton Roads, Va.
Lincoln's Report on the Meeting With the Confederates
Liverpool and Birkenhead and the American Civil War

Rebels Way Way Down South
Recognition - Why Should We: The British Point of View

The Trent Affair

"Victory in Mexico Kept French Out of the U.S. Civil War"

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Abraham Lincoln and the Draft

Civil War Disability Exemptions
Civil War Draft
Civil War Draft in Wisconsin
Civil War Draft Records
Confederate Conscription
Confederate Draft
Conscription (Military Draft)
Courtland County, NY in the Civil War Draft

Draft in the Civil War
Draft in Indiana

New York City Draft Riots
New York City Draft Riots
New York City Draft Riots 
New York City Draft Riots

Substitutes and Conscriptees

Transcribed Newspaper Articles: Drafting and Enlisting

Union Draft
Union Draft

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1864 Covert Plan to Burn New York City

Allan Pinkerton  

Belle Boyd, Cleopatra of the Seccession
Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence

Confederacy - Covert Operations 

Elizabeth "Crazy Bet" Van Lew, Grant's Spy in Richmond

Hearts at Home: Spies

Intelligence in the American Civil War

Lafayette Curry Baker

Mrs. Augusta Morris - Confederate Spy

Plot to Burn New York

Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers, 1861-1864

Secret War for the Union
Spying in the Civil War
Spies, Raiders & Partisans

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