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Government: Presidents and Politicians, Medicine, and Religion

Business and Economics

American Currency Exhibit
Antebellum Industry

Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency
Bartering on Insanity: The Economic Aspect of the Civil War
Brief Financial History of the Civil War

Civil War Currency
Civil War Tax in St. Tammany Parish, LA
Color of Money
Confederate and Union Financing
Confederate Bonds
Confederate Coffee Substitutes
Confederate Coins
Confederate Currency
Confederate Currency: Financing the Confederacy
Confederate Finance and Supply
Confederate Industry: Manufacturers & Quartermasters in the Civil War
Confederate Stamps
Confederate Treasury
Crutchfield's Currency

Economic Development & Labor in Civil War Illinois
Economic Effects of the Civil War
Economic History Resources-How much is that?
Economics of the Civil War

Factory at War
Financing the Civil War: The Office of Internal Revenue and the Use of Revenue Stamps
Fiscal & Monetary Policy & Inflation: Confederate States 

Harvard Business School Publishing

Industrial Advances Immediately Before the Civil War

Labor and the Worker's Search for Power
Lincoln's Economic Legacy
Lincoln's Tariff War

Mill Workers
Money During the Civil War
Money in the Civil War
Museum of American Financial History

Northern Industry In The Civil War 

Paper Manufacturing & Paper Shortages in the South, 1861-1865
Pennsylvania: The Era of Industrial Ascendancy, 1861 - 1945

Rebel States Currency
Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, 1775-1927

Shelby Iron Company
Stamps Payment Act of 1862 and Electronic Commerce
Stephen Recker's Confederate Currency of the Week
Stonewall's Civil War Currency
Taxation During the American Civil War
Time on the Cross: Economics of American Negro Slavery
Trimble County Kentucky Pre-Civil War Business was Thriving

Why Study Accounting?
Women in the Workplace: Labor Unions

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Government and Political Science

Alabama State Bible (Used for Jefferson Davis' Inauguration)
Amendments Proposed by the Peace Conference, February 8-27, 1861 (from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School)
America in Caricature, 1765-1865
American Political Thought Since the Civil War
Antebellum Louisiana: Politics, Education, and Entertainment
Anti-War Heroes
Appeal of the Independent Democrats against the Nebraska Act

Bill of Rights and the Military
Black Codes in the Former Confederate States

Charles Sumner's "Crime Against Kansas" Speech  
Civil War
Civil War, Impeachment Then and Now and Lincoln's Legacy
Civil War: Military, Political & Other Records
Civil War Political Stewardship: Lincoln and Davis - Online Course
Confederate Government Heads of State
Confederate Senators
Copperheads (Politics)
Crittenden Compromise

Crisis at Fort Sumter

Democratic Party Platform, June 18, 1860 (from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School)
Democratic Platform 1860 (Breckinridge)
Democratic Platform 1860 (Douglas)
Documents of the Secession and Early War Era

Election of 1860
Ex Parte Merryman
Ex parte Milligan
Examining the Robustness of Ideological Voting: Evidence from the Confederate House of Representatives
Extract from President James Buchanan's Fourth Annual Message to Congress

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 (from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School)

Genesis of the Civil War
Getting Out: Secession & Constitutional Law
Government & Home

Impact of Civil War Legislation on Texas

Jeffersonian View of the Civil War
John C. Calhoun's final speech to the Senate

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Lieber's Code and the Law of War
Lieber Code of 1863

Military Divisions of the United States After the Civil War
Military Records of Doctor Samuel Mudd 

Official Register of the Government of the United States, 1861
Ordinances of Secession of the 13 Confederate States of America

Plessy vs. Ferguson
Political Archive-Civil War
Political Graveyard: Politicians Killed in the Civil War
Post-Civil War American and Contending Ideas of Democracy
Presidential Documents
Presidential Voting, 1844-1860
Presidential Elections, 1860-1912 (Cartoons from the pages of Harper's Weekly and other Leading Journals)

Red Tape, North and South, in the Civil War
Republican Party 1860 Platform
Republicans And The Civil War

Significance of Being Frank: MA Politics in 1856
States' Rights
Texas Ballots from the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras
Texas During The Civil War

Union League Information

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Government: Presidents and Politicians

    Abraham Lincoln

        A Collection of Abraham Lincoln Quotes         
        Abraham Lincoln, American Hero by Harold Holzer
        Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
        Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War        
        Abraham Lincoln Online        
        Abraham Lincoln Research
        Abraham Lincoln -- Sixteenth President 1861-1865
        Abraham Lincoln's Classroom
        American Experience: The Time of the Lincolns
        American President
        Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
        Confronting the Lincoln Cult
        Father Abraham Under Fire Again
        Genius for Friendship: Lincoln as Lawyer
        "I Do Solemnly Swear. . .":Presidential Inaugurations, Lincoln 1861
        "I Do Solemnly Swear. . .":Presidential Inaugurations, Lincoln 1865
        Images and Songs of the 1864 Presidential Campaign
        In Search of the Real Abraham Lincoln
        International Lincoln Center for American Studies       
        Lincoln And Emancipation        
        Lincoln-Douglas Debates
        Lincoln's First Autobiography
        Lincoln North: The Joseph N. Nathanson Collection of Lincolniana
        Lincoln's Second Autobiography
        Lincoln's Security
        Lincoln the Lawyer
        Lincoln Wins the Republican Nomination in 1860
        Links to History: Lincoln's Cabinet
        Mr. Lincoln and Freedom
        Mr. Lincoln and Friends
        Mr. Lincoln and New York
        Mr. Lincoln and the Founders
        Mr. Lincolns White House
        Papers of Abraham Lincoln
        Planet of the Abes
        President Lincoln Enters Richmond, 1865
        Related Resources on Lincoln
        Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln Assassination

    Alexander Hamilton Stephens
    Alexander Stephens

    Andrew Johnson

    C. Godfrey Gunther [Mayor, New York City, 1864-66]
    Chester A. Arthur

    David Long: Civil War Preacher

    Edwin McMasters Stanton
    Edwin McMasters Stanton
    Edwin McMasters Stanton
    Edwin McMasters Stanton

    Judah Phillip Benjamin, Confederate Statesman
Judah P. Benjamin   
    James Buchanan -- Fifteenth President 1857-1861
    Gideon Welles and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson           

    Jefferson Davis
         J. W. Daniel's Tribute to Jefferson Davis
        Jefferson Davis
        Jefferson Davis
        Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address
        Jefferson Davis Capture
        Prison Life of Jefferson Davis   

    Kentucky Had Two Confederate Governors

    Letter from Congressman John Reagan of Texas
    Lord Mayor of London in Confederate Controversy
    Lewis Eliphalet Parsons: Alabama Provisional Governor 1865
    Patriotic Idealism of Horace Greely
    Presidential Elections: 1860-1884

    Robert Miller Patton: Alabama Governor 1865-1867
    Robert Todd Lincoln
    Rutherford B. Hayes and the End of Reconstruction    
    Second Message of Governor Isham Harris to the Tennessee Assembly
    Shared Past: Why would anyone give up a Senate seat? John H. Reagan Did
    Speech of Representative John H. Reagan of Texas, January 15, 1861
    Stephen A. Douglas and the American Union

    Teddy Roosevelt Speaks Out
    Tenure of Office Act
    Thomas Hill Watts: Alabama Governor 1863-1865

    Ulysses S. Grant

            American Experience: Ulysses S. Grant
            Grant: Lessons Learned
            Grant's World Tour             
            Ulysses S. Grant            
            Ulysses S. Grant -- Eighteenth President 1869-1877
            U. S. Grant

    Vindication of Edward Stanton

    Wager Swayne: Alabama Military Governor 1867-1868
    William Evarts
    William McKinley
    William H. Seward
    William Hugh Smith: Alabama Governor 1868-1870

    Zachary Taylor 

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19th Century Diseases

Alabama Civil War Hospitals
An Appeal for the Sick and Wounded Soldiers Salisbury Way-Side Hospital (N.C.)
Anesthetics in Field and General Hospitals of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War
Anesthetics in The Civil War 

Battlefield Medicine in the Civil War
Bohemian Brigade Bookshop & Publishers

Camp Letterman General Hospital
Caring for the Men (CW Medicine)
Casualties & Medical Care
Circular Seeking Information About the Use of Chloroform and the Effects of Shock in Surgery

Civil War Army Surgeon and His Work
Civil War Ambulance Wagons
Civil War Battlefield Medicine
Civil War Battlefield Medicine
Civil War Dentistry
Civil War Era Women Physicians
Civil War Medical Care
Civil War Medical Care: Photographs from the United States Sanitary Commission Collections, 1861-1872
Civil War Medicinal Cook Book
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine Vocabulary
Civil War Nurse Clara Barton's Memorabilia Found
Collecting and Drying Medicinal Substances
Common Civil War Medical Terms
Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts (Artificial Limbs)
Confederate Hospitals in Lynchburg Virginia
Confederate Medical Personnel
Confederate Surgeon

Dentistry in the American Civil War
Did the Civil War create 500,000 Morphine Addicts?
Dr. John Craven: The Confederate Patient

Effects of Artillery Fire
Epitome of Practical Surgery, for Field and Hospital

Five Nurses from St. Lawrence County
From Quackery to Bacteriology

Gangrene and Glory, Medical Care During the Civil War
General Directions for Collecting and Drying Medicinal Substances of the Vegetable Kingdom 
General Military Hospital for the North Carolina Troops in Petersburg, Virginia
Graph: Death by Disease Analysis
Guide for Inspection of Hospitals and for Inspector's Report

Health and Medicine: Civil War
History of Black Physicians
History of Mental Illness

Images of the Civil War--Medical
Information on Medicine In the CSA

Introduction to Civil War Medicine
Letterman's Gettysburg Report
Letterman's Report on Antietam

Maggots and Rats: Nature's Surgeons During the Civil War
Medical Care, Battle Wounds, and Disease
Medical Information on Generals
Medical Men and Women of the Civil War
Medical Technology
Medical Terminology
Medical Treatment
Medical Treatment in the Civil War
Medicine at the Start of the Civil War
Medicine Before the Civil War
Medicine of the Civil War
Medicine in the American Civil War
Medicine In the Confederacy
Medicine in the Bloodiest War
Medicine in the Civil War
Medicine in the Civil War
Medicine in Civil War Was Crude
Medicines Helped Pay for the Civil War
Military Records of Doctor Samuel Mudd
Mother Bickerdyke Heroine of the Civil War
Mother Seton's Sisters of Charity in the Civil War
Mower General Hospital
Mythical Roots of US Drug Policy - Soldier's Disease and Addicts in the Civil War

National Museum of Civil War Medicine
National Museum of Health and Medicine
North Carolina Physicians in the Civil War
Nurses: "The Angels of the Battlefield"
Nursing Links

On Surgery's Cutting Edge in the Civil War
Opinion of the Civil War Surgeon
Overview of Civil War Medicine

Phoebe Pember: The Passionate Nurse for the Confederacy

Regimental Field Hospital
Regulations for the Medical Department of the C.S. Army
Regulations for the Medical Department of the Military Forces of South Carolina
Report on Gangrene in Andersonville Prison
Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and Agricultural
Rowan Way-Side Hospital

Sanitary Commission and other Relief Agencies
Sisters of Charity and the Civil War
Skeletal Collections
Shiloh Medical Report
Society of Civil War Surgeons
Soldier's Disease and Addiction
South Carolina Physicians in the Civil War
Stones River Medical Report
Stonewall's Surgeon - Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire
Surgeons in Richmond

Tripler's Report on Sanitation
Typhoid fever in the 7th Kansas Cavalry

Union Army Ambulance Corps
U.S. Army Hospital Department Bottles

Virginia's Confederate Military Hospitals
Vision Testing History

War Stories: Bug Medicine
War Syndromes and Their Evaluation: From the U.S. Civil War to the Persian Gulf War
Washington's Civil War Hospitals
William Alexander Hammond

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Abolition and Religion
Anglo Catholicism in Antebellum North Carolina
Alabama State Bible
Augusta County, VA, Churches and Religious Activities

Biblical Defenses of Segregation

Catechism to be Taught Orally to Those Who Cannot Read
Catholic Church: May 29, 1863
Catholicism & the Old South
Christianity and the Civil War
Church in the Southern Black Community 
Church of Robert E. Lee Betrays the South
Church in the Southern Black Community

Famous Civil War Masons
Flag and the Fury

God, Lincoln, and the Civil War

History of the Catholic Church in the US (#6 - Civil War, #7 - Reconstruction)

Journal of Southern Religion

Life of Reverend Victor M. Dewey

Methodism and the Slavery Question, 1844-1865
Mother Seton's Sisters of Charity in the Civil War

Oral Catechism for the Instruction of the Slaves
Order for Morning and Evening Prayer Episcopal Church of the Confederate States
Perry's Saints, or The Fighting Parson's Regiment in the War of the Rebellion, by James M. Nichols

Relevant Doctrines of Southern Theology
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
Religion in Mississippi
Religion in the South
Religion of the Lost Cause
"Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States"
Religious Nationalism in the Cherokee Nation, 1855-1867
Religious Revivals in Civil War Armies

Sherman And The Colored Ministers
Slave Catechism
Slave Religion
Slavery and the Civil War, as Viewed by the Churches of God
Slavery and Religion in America: A Timeline

Theology of slavery

United Methodist Church: The Slavery Question and Civil War, 1844-1865 
U.S. Christian Commission
Who Are the Dunkers

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