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Films and Theatre

Plays and Theatre

Ambrose Bierce Live! On Tour

Broadway Production of a Marietta, GA Lynching Story

"CD Americana: Tales of Americana on CD from American Listeners Theatre"
Civil War Women: A One-Woman Play
Civil War: A Musical
Civil War Magic-Lantern Show

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

In Spite of Reason: A Pop Musical Drama about Lincoln

Reflection on Fort Sumter

Soldier, Come Home! a new play
Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours  

Films and Videos

140th Anniversary Battle of Shiloh Video By Bruce Crawford Productions

Battle of Shiloh 140th Reenactment
Birth of a Nation
Birth of a Nation (1915)
Birth of a Nation Comments
Gods and Generals
Gods & General's: Movie Critics Betray Their Profession
Gods and Generals: The Story Behind the Movie
Gone With the Wind
D.W. Griffith Bibliography
Griffith in Context: A Multimedia Exploration of Birth of a Nation

Hollywood's War Against the South 

Jacobin Yankees  

Ken Burns' "The Civil War"

Last Raid at Cabin Creek
Lionheart Film Works: Wicked Spring

Mark Twain - PBS
Ron Maxwell, Writer-Director: Gettysburg
MST Films Presents Thunderbolt of the Potomac

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Pharaoh's Army

Red Badge of Courage   

Union's "Grand Strategy"

Video: Last Raid at Cabin Creek 

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Modern Day Civil War Bands

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Writers and Literature

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