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Philosophy, Physical Science, Pop Culture, Psychology,
Sociology and Social Work, and Statistics and Mathematical Information


Just War Theory

Legal History and Philosophy

"The North American Civil War" by Karl Marx

Post-Civil War American and Contending Ideas of Democracy

War (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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Physical Science

Unusual Acoustics in the Civil War

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Pop Culture

Antebellum Etiquette

Enduring South: Subcultural Persistence in Mass Society

"Neo-Confederate Culture" by Brian Britt

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Propaganda in the Civil War
Psychiatry During the U.S. Civil War 

SHOOK OVER HELL: Post-Traumatic Stress, Vietnam, and the Civil War
by Eric T. Dean, Jr.
Shook Over Hell Review by James P. McPherson

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Sociology and Social Work

African American History and Culture 
Antebellum Louisiana: Agrarian Life


Ethnic Groups/Immigrants


Living Monuments: Confederate Soldiers' Homes in the New South

Mother Seton's Sisters of Charity in the Civil War

National Museum of the American Indian Site (D.C.): Prostitution in Washington During the Civil War
New York City's African Slaveowners: A Social and Material Culture History (Studies in African America)

Ole Miss
Center for the Study of Southern Culture

Policing the Pre-Civil War City

Rape During the Civil War

WPA Life Histories Project
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Statistics and Mathematical Information

1860 Population Distribution of the Border States
Battle Statistics: Commanders and Casualties

Business and Economics

Casualties in the Civil War
Civil War Statistics
Costs Of The Civil War

Distribution of Farms by Acreage, 1860
Distribution of Slaveholders by Size of Holdings, 1860
Division of the States

Fox's Regimental Losses

Growth in Railroad Mileage, 1850-1860 (By Region)

Men In The Union And Confederate Armies

Party Affiliations of State Governors, 1852-1860
Percentage of Urban Population, 1790-1860 
Population Distribution of the Eleven Future Confederate States, 1860
Population Distribution of the Border Slaveholding States, 1860
Population of the United States (1860)

Ratio of Slaveholders to Families, 1860 (By State)

Size of the Union and Confederate Armies
Statistical Summary of America's Major Wars  
Statistics on the Civil War and Medicine

Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War
Thomas Livermore, Numbers and Losses in the Civil War

Union Troops Furnished and Deaths

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