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Agriculture/Animal Husbandry

Abraham Lincoln Imposes Science On American Agriculture 
Agriculture rules the South 
Anglo-American Colonization and Agriculture in Texas
Animals and Veterinary Science

Antebellum Louisiana: Agrarian Life

Cattle Industry: 500 Years in Florida
Capsule History of Tobacco 
Civil War Plants and Herbs
Cotton Culture
Cotton South
Cotton South Before and After the Civil War

Distribution of Farm Acreage in the South, 1860

Impact of the Civil War on Farmers of the Arkansas River Valley and Northwest Arkansas
Industrial Hemp Farming: History and Practice

King Cotton
King Ranch and the Civil War

Land Question
Lincoln Imposes Science on American Agriculture
Living History Farms

Plantation Agriculture 
Plantation Agriculture: Cotton Culture
Plantation Agriculture: Rice Plantations 
Sharecropping and Tenancy
Short History of Alabama Agriculture
Southern Farmers
Southern Plantation
Southern Tobacco in the Civil War

The Texas Longhorn
The Texas Ranching Frontier

When Rice Was King

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Civil War Antiques Preservation Society
Civil War Collector's Price Guide 
Confederate Gold

Drumbeat Civil War Memorabilia

Legacy of Quilts From the Civil War

Midwest Civil War Collectors Show
Mike's Civil War Home Page
Mystery of Lost Treasure Endures

Nelson's Sharps Carbine

Pair Arrested in Theft of Civil War Relics 

Treasure Hunting Sites

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Battery B, 4th US Light Artillery - Civil War Quotes

Civil War, Spoken Thoughts of War

Civil War Quotes 
Civil War Quotes, Notes, and Facts

Ken Burns Quotes

Lesser Known Historical Excerpts

Memorable Quotes from "The Civil War"

Quotes by Abraham Lincoln
Quoting President Woodrow Wilson on the Civil War

Robert E. Lee Quotes

Stonewall Jackson Quotes

Who Said That?

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American Civil War & The Battle of Gettysburg: Quotes

Battle of Antietam Special Questions

Cascoly Civil War Puzzles and Trivia
Civil War Humor 
Civil War Trivia: Living Widows  

Questions and Word Puzzle 

The Unknown Civil War

U. S. Civil War

Who Said That?

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