Civil War Chatroom Book Chat
This is a  Civil War book discussion that was scheduled and held in the Civil War Home Chatroom.  What you see is the chat between the members as it occurred.  Each session consisted of discussing 2 or 3 chapters of the selected book and lasted about 1-1 1/2 hours.

Honor's Voice
The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln
Douglas L. Wilson

". . .Abraham Lincoln's extraordinary rise from rural obscurity to become the greatest of American presidents has long been the stuff of romance and legend. But Lincoln's trajectory was in fact neither smooth nor inevitable, as historian Douglas L. Wilson demonstrates in this superb re-creation of the crucial years between 1831 and 1842, when the young Lincoln almost miraculously transformed himself from a small-town shopkeeper into a man to be reckoned with.. . .

Table of Contents

(Chat for Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2)
New Salem (1831-37)
2. Self-Education

4. Women

Springfield (1837-42)

6. Springfield
(Chat for Chapters 6 & 7)
8. The Mary Todd "Embrigglement"
(Chat for Chapters 8, 9,  & 10)
10. Transitions and Transformation


1. Wrestling with the Evidence

3. Finding a Vocation

(Chat for Chapters 3, 4, & 5)

5. Breaking in Politics

7. Campaign and Courtship

9. Honor