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The Battle of Gettysburg
(July 1-3, 1863)

Little Round Top on a cold winter day.  Photo Courtesy of Mark Voss.

Barlow/Gordon Incident At Gettysburg A humorous incident that happened after the war. Taken from John B. Gordon's "Reminiscences Of The Civil War."
Battle Description Short, concise description of the battle with map.
Dedication of the Virginia Memorial Addresses at the dedication of the Virginia Memorial taken from the Southern Historical Society Papers.
Defense In-Depth Just an excellent little write-up on John Buford's actions on the first day at Gettysburg.
E.P. Alexander at Gettysburg Longstreet's artillerist tells his story in his own words.  From the Southern Historical Society Papers.
Everett's Gettysburg Address The full text of this two hour oration that preceded Lincoln's address.
Historicus Here's a little something that happened after the Battle of Gettysburg. If you are researching the battle, you really need to take a look at this.
Incident At Gettysburg A great little story that was told to a friend of mine by his Great Great Grandfather. Warriors haven't changed that much in 135 years.
JEB Stuart At Gettysburg Taken from "The Life and Campaigns of JEB Stuart, Major General, CSA".
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address A copy of this very short, very important address
Lincoln's Letter To Meade Even though this letter was never sent, it is very informative as to Lincoln's feelings toward Meade's actions after the battle.
Longstreet At Gettysburg From his book "From Manassas to Appomattox: Memoirs of the Civil War in America"
Napoleonic Arithmetic A great analytical look at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Pettigrew's Charge An interesting article on this part of the famous charge taken from the Southern Historical Society Papers.
Pickett's Charge Want to see the best description of Pickett's Charge available? Just take a look!
Pipe Creek Line Meade had a great plan even before the armies met at Gettysburg. Take a look at this beauty!
Second Antietam The battle that might have been.  A fine essay about Lee's retreat from Gettysburg.
Union Cavalry at Gettysburg Written by one who was there.

From The Official Records
Note: The links to the Official Reports of the commanders down through the Brigade level can be found on the
Order of Battle Pages.
Order of Battle (AOP) The organization of the Army of the Potomac. Taken from the Official Records.
Order of Battle (ANV) The organization of the Army of Northern Virginia. Taken from the Official Records.
Summary Of The Principal Events                 Taken from the Official Records, the list covers from June 3 - August 1, 1863. 
General Hooker Is Relieved! This is the series of ORs, mostly between Hooker, Halleck, and Lincoln, that led up to his being relieved right before the battle of Gettysburg.
Lee's Retreat Order From the Official Records, Lee's General Orders No. 74, detailing how his retreat from Gettysburg would be made.
Meade's Pipe Creek Circular The OR whereby Meade sent out his order describing the defense of Washington and Baltimore along the Big Pipe Creek.
Meade's General Orders No. 68 Meade's congratulatory orders to his men after the battle and Lincoln's response to it.
After the Battle Correspondence mostly between Halleck and Meade as Meade pursues Lee after the battle.
Confederate Roll Of Honor The Confederacy had limited capabilities to make medals to honor their heroes, but they did honor them nonetheless.
Union Medals of Honor The OR that lists the winners of the Medal of Honor for the Battle of Gettysburg.

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