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The following essays/articles were written by history professors, historians, published authors, etc. who have vast experience in documenting the American Civil War. Some have chosen to remain anonymous not because they are ashamed of their name, but instead chose to use the "handle" they go by in the Civil War Chat Room. This allows all their friends to know just who wrote the piece.

A Hollow Argument, Southern Nationalism, Myth or Reality An interesting article arguing against the theory of Southern Nationalism.  Written as a college term paper in the senior year. 
An Incident At Gettysburg A great little story that was told to a friend of mine by his Great Great Grandfather. Warriors haven't changed that much in 135 years.
Art of War "The Art of War (Machiavelli, Vauban, and Frederick ) Civil War Implications of Tactics" is a great essay on how some of the tactics of the military geniuses of the past applied to the Civil War!
Battle of Nashville Did you know that Thomas was accused of having a case of the "slows" at this battle? Wasn't Lincoln that said it, it was Grant! Thomas dang near got fired over this one. You gotta read about it to appreciate it.
Confederate Arizona Just a dandy article about that war in the far west that is so seldom discussed.  Originally a "Master's Thesis", the "End Notes" and Bibliography are provided. Enjoy.
Confederate Strategy Do you think if the Confederates had used a different defensive strategy in the Civil War the outcome would have be different? Here's someone that presents a very good case for it.
Defense In Depth A great explanation of John Buford's first day defensive action at the battle of Gettysburg.
Evolution and Influence of Tactical Warfare in the American Civil War A very interesting article on some of the tactics used in the Civil War.
Importance of Public Support During the Civil War This article explains why it was as equally important to win on the home front as it was on the battlefield.
Influence of Napoleon on Civil War Tactics and Strategy Examines how Napoleon fought his wars influenced this one.  It might not surprise you to know that not everything worked.
Joe Johnston Was he the South's finest general? How did he match up against Lee? Not often you get to see two generals who fought for the same side compared. This is the second in a series of articles to allow you to ponder the age old question of "what if?"
Key Moments in the Civil War This is the opening salvo of a series of articles that are being written to try to show the key decisions that were made that affected the outcome of the war. A really good "What If?" discussion that allows you to draw your own conclusions.
Lee & Grant: Leadership in Bondage Not an essay, but an excerpt from a great new book.  If you are the least interested in how leadership on the battlefield can apply to leadership in the workplace this is a must read!
Light Cavalry Vs Dragoons Ever thought about the difference between these two mounted units? Heck, they both ride horses. I thought that was all that need be known. Well, I guess we all better think again. Big difference!
Lincoln Vs Davis This is the third in a series of articles that continues to ask the question "what if?" This one clearly defines the stark differences between these two leaders.
McClellan, A Historians View Think you know about "Little Mac?" Better think again. Take a look.
Napoleonic Arithmetic A great analytical look at the battle of Gettysburg. This one is gonna start you thinking.
Ownership of Fort Sumter Have you ever considered who owned Fort Sumter, South Carolina or the U.S. Government, at the beginning of the war?  You might be surprised.
Porter Court Martial Really good description of 2nd Manassas. Ties it all together!
Role of the Constitution During the Civil War Needless to say, the North and the South had differing views on what the U.S. Constitution actually said.
Second Antietam The battle that might have been.  A fine essay about Lee's retreat from Gettysburg.
Soldier At Vicksburg This is not an essay, rather it is part of an autobiography, dictated on his death bed in his later years, by a soldier who was there.  Short, but interesting.
Stuart at Gettysburg Think Stuart was out just out "horsn' around?" Better think again. Take a look.
That Dark and Bloody Ground A very good essay on the Kentucky Campaign of 1861.
The Chattanooga Campaign Probably one of the finest descriptions of this very complex campaign that you will ever read.
The Confederate Navy and the Argentine Hydrographic survey A great article about how the history of the hydrographic survey of the main Argentine rivers is closely related with the life of two former officers of the Confederate navy.  Originally published in an Argentine newspaper and sent to this site by its author.  I think you will like it.
The Fighting Epsilons If you are the least interested as to how math can be turned into great satire, you got to read this beauty!
The First Maryland Campaign and Hood's Texans A fine work by one who has really studied this campaign. 
The Lincoln Assassination: New Information-New Meaning A different and very interesting look at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
The Myth of the Confederacy An interesting essay on how a Brit views our late unpleasantness.
The Pipe Creek Line Think you got all the answers to the "What Ifs" of Gettysburg (Ewell had taken the hill, Stuart had been there on time, etc.)? Did you ever consider Meade's position? Take a look at this beauty and I think you will get a whole new prospective on the What Ifs of the Battle of Gettysburg. This article was written by a long time student of the late Rebellion and one of the true "experts " on the Battle of Gettysburg.
The Red River Campaign

Another great description of a very complex campaign.

The Texas Hospital and Cemetery A very interesting essay about this hospital and it's cemetery.  Not much has been written about this and this essay may fill in the blanks. 
Understanding Southern Tensions Toward the North It should not come as a shock that there were strong Southern tensions toward the North leading up to the war.  This article attempts to explain why.
Union Cavalry

A great, short write-up on how the Union Cavalry was under utilized!

Was Lincoln an Abolitionist This is an interesting question and you might be surprised at what the author of this article has to say about it.
Were the States Sovereign Nations? Have ever thought about whether or not the secession of the Southern states was within the Constitution?  Whether you think the secession was legal or not,  you might want to take a look at this essay.

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