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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #6

Magnolia Dauplin County N C
January 23 1863

Dear Father I take my pen in hand to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all enjoying the same good blessings.  I have nothing of interest to rite you at this time.  I havent receive a letter from you since the last day of December.  Samuel Auten told me last night you sent word in his letter for me to send my letter to Martin Dale for you was afraid to go to Charlotte on acount of the small pox.  This is three letters I have rote since I have got a line from home.  I am sory to inform you we have to deliver up our tents this morning and then we will have to lie out like hogs.  We left Weldon the 19.  I heard that West was at home but I no how true it is.  I was more than glad to hear from him being at home but I was sorry I was not there my self.  I heard his twelve months was out and he would not reinlist and he got to come home but I hear the conscript will fetch him out again.  If it does tell him to come to our company.  I saw Jim Patton he is in the thirty fifth Regt Co H.  He is well and harty.  Robert Ewing is going to get a box from home.  You had better put my pants in.  I have got $37 and will draw fifty more in a few days.  The Capt told I would get in three miore days.  I think our new comers is geting tired of the army a redy. If they aint I know who is that is myself.  So I will have to close as the male is about starting out.  So nothing more remains.  Your true son until death.  So rite soon Rite soon Rite soon Direct your letters as this is headed.                 

William A. Elliott

To Richard W Elliott

On the Same Sheet of Paper

To George R Elliott

George I heard that there was a school going on at our scholl house and I want you to rite who is teaching and wheather you are going or not.  Give all the boys and girls my best respects.  Be sure and rite me a few lines.  so nothing more

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