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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #3

Nov. 25 1862

Dear Father I seat my self this morning to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing I received your kind letter this morning a I am glad to hear that you all was well I also received your letter of the ninth but I never had time to answer it.  We had a right smart battle with the yankees on Tuesday.  Company A was deploid out in the woods on the other side of the river and the yankee discovered them and they commense throwing bums shels and they wonded severls of our men.  They wonded Isaac Frazer in the left shoulder and Tom Bringman in the back but neare one of them has quit off duty.  Me and Ellis Ewing is waiting.  Frazure and Bringman in the hospital.  I heard our artillery kill four of the yankees and wond a good many of them we have three Regiments heare the eleventh fifty second and the fifty sixth.  I got your letter this morning with five dollars in it.  I would been glad to had it about week or two ago.  I drawed twenty dollars yesterday and Miles and Ellis Ewing have drawed the balance of their bounty and I guest I will draw my before long.  I have not heard from West (Dick Elliott’s brother) in some time the last letter I got from him he was at Bunkers Hill Virginia there is a chance for about a dozen more men volenter in our company if they come before their names is enroll on the conscript list.  Tell Jonas Jamison he had better come to our company for Company E the half of them has got the itch.  Tell Tom Prim he has a chance to come now I saw Joseph Crisenberry yesterday.  A shuck hands with him tell George I would like to see a few lines from him so as to keep him practice of righting.  Cyrus Mclure never got the letter you sent him.  I rote uncle George a letter two or three weeks ago I want to no if he ever got it.  Seven teen of our company started to Chowan County last Saturday night to take a company of Union men and they never have got back yet.  H H Hill was one of the men that went so I will have to fetch my letter to a close by asking you to excuse bad righting &* speling.  So I will quit by requesting you to rite soon so nothing more remains your obedient son until death,.       

From William A. Elliotte

To Richard W. Elliotte

The following letter was written on the same sheet of paper as the above letter dated Nov. 25, 1862

Sir I seat myself to drop you a few lines to inform you that I am in tolable good health at this time and hope those few sines may find you and family all injoying good health.  Times are tolable good at this time and you can tell my family that I am well at this time.  Tell them to write soone.  You must write and let me hear from you.  I have not mutch to write at this time.  I will write more next time so nothing more at this time only write soone

Miles Hill

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