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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter # 2

Southampton Virginia
October 13, 1862

Dear Father I take the present opportunity of righting you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessings.  Father I can state to you that we have moved to Virginia Southampton and we had a pretty hard time of it and the yankees is on one side of the river and we are on the other and we have to go over ther to stand and picket and we donít know what minit we will be in a battle we have to double quick to the river twice & to meet the yankees but they never come   Henry Hill was over on the other side standing he saw two yankees and they like to got him he had to double quick from them the boys is all general well at this time.  except Powel Auten he has got the chils we are three hundred and thirty five miles away and I am out of money and I donít know when we will draw any more so I will have to fetch my letter to a close as I have not time to rite any more so I will close by requesting you to rite me soon so nothing more.

        Remains your affectionate son til death from
        William A. Elliott

To Richard W. Elliott

The following letter was written on opposite page of Billy Elliottís letter above:

Franklin, Virginia
Oct. the 13, 1862

Mr. R. W. Elliott

Dear Sir

As william is writing to you I will drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well at this time and hope these few lines will find you all well Dick I have some news to write at last we left Camp Davis sund was week ago and arrived here on last Thursday and we were ordered to the river to defend the bridge and the Colonel called for ten men out of Company A and myself and 9 others went over the river to scout and me and three others was about a half mile a head and there was nine yankees between us and major Ross and run him and our other men about a quarter of a mile and he ordered us to double quick back to him but the yankees were between us but we run back and the yankees got scared and run off in the woods and we got away for they didnt see us I saw two of them but I dident get a shot at them they had a fight Friday was a week ago but we had not left wilmington then   there was about 60 yankees killed and wonded and we only had two men wonded we expect a fight every day I must close by asking you to write soon.

H H Hill

When you write direct your letter to me at frankling Va
Southampton County

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