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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #16

Hanover Junction Va
May 10/63

Dear Father I avail my self this beautiful Sabbath morning to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all injoying the same good blessing of health.  Father I have not receive a letter from you in over three week.  this is three letters I have rote sence I got one.  I rote you one when we was at Halifax and one when we was at Richmond.  It is rumored about in camp this morning that we are going to Merland but theare is that many reports going that I never no what to beleave.  I suppose you heard of James Todd bin killed.  he was shot dead at federicksburgs.  I have never heard anything from West.  yet I heard that his Regiment was cut all to peaces.  James Terries he is wonded.  He went a long to hear the other day on the cars but I did not see him but Thomas Henderson did but he did not tell him any thing about West.  I saw two thousand yankees prisners marching a long through the mud the other day at the point of the bayonet.  your must look over my short letter for paper is only four dollars and a half a quiers envelope two dollars and half pack.  I dreamp last night that I was at home.  tell uncle George I recon he has forgot me for I rote to him over a month ago and he has never answered it yet.  Give uncle Bill my best respects and uncle George and to all my inquiring friends.  So I will close by requesting you all to rite soon and often.  Direct to Hanover Junction Va.

                Forget me not forget me never
yonder Son Shall seas to Rise
                    and set forever

William A. Elliotte

To Richard W Elliotte

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