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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #15

Richmond Virginia
May 5 1863

Dear Father I seat myself this morning to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope those few lines may find you all injoying the same good blessing of health.  well I cant say that I have mutch to rite to you at this time.  I will state to you the time that we got heare we got heare on Sunday the third. d we are camp about a mile from town in side of the brest works.  we were expecting a fight all day yesterday.  the yankees is in eight miles of heare theare was four companys went out of our Regt on the train last night to fetch in the sick and wondedthey like to run right in to the yankees and they had to turn back.  They have bin fighting at Fredericksburgsthe reports says that our loss is heavy and the yankees still greater.  old General Jackson he got wounded in his arm and a good many more of our big officers.  Cyrus and Samuel Auten and Jonas is all well.  I like this place first rate but we only get a quarter of a pound of meat a day to the man and a pound of loaf to the man.  we have just got word that theare is twenty eight Regiments of Yankees on the Fredericksburgs Rail Road.  they burnt up a train of cars Sunday night of ours so I will close for this time.  So rite soon.  Direct to Richmond Virginia 11 Regt in care of Capt Hand

W A Elliotte

To R W Elliotte

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