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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #12

Camp near Hookerton North Carolina 
April 27 1863

Dear Father I take my pen in hand to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all enjoying the same good blessings of health.  I receive a letter from you a few minits ago and I was glad to heare from you all and to hear you was all well.  I had not got a letter from you in two weeks.  You sed you could hardly read my last letter.  That was the best I could do at that time for I neither had no paper nor ink with me and thot you would be glad to heare from me if it was badly done.  You sed you wanted me to rite you all the particulars of the battle.  I have rote you three or four letters sence the battle.  I got your letter of the fifth of April.  You sed they was presing all the corn and bacon that there was in the country,.  You had better sell yours and not let them prefs it and sell ever thing you can for we donít get mutch to eat no how.  Our Regt gets one pound of meal a day to the man and half pound of meat.  I can eat my meat at twice.  I was glad to hear you was getting a long so well with your crop.  You say that wheat looks well.  If there are in good wheate crops made I think we will have plenty to eat a nother year.  Some of the pore soldiers only gets a quarter of a pound of meat to the man.  There is going to be a regimental inspection this evening so tues I will send I W Jamison letter.  I could rote you a heap more but I did not have time and we have bin cleaning up our guns all day.  Henry Hill sends you all his best respects.  The boys is all well at this time.  I rote uncle George a letter the other day but I donít know whether he has got it or not.  Tell George R to keep his age hid and not let them find out how old he is for this armyis a hard place to be.  We have to bake our bread on bords before the fire.  We havent but about three pans and lids in our Co so I will close for this time.  Nothing more remains.  Your true son until death.

                      W A Elliott

To R W Elliott

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