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Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #10

Greenville North Carolina
March the 25 1863

Dear Father I take my pen in hand to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you all enjoying the same good blessings.  I got your letter you sent with Mr. Simpson.  I was glad to heare you had got well but I was sory to hear of grand mother being sick.  Well in the first place I will tell you of our long march.  Well we started the fiftenth and return yester day.  We went in two miles of plymoth.  I tell you we had a hard time of it for it rain three day and nights on us and we had no place to shelter.  We had to wade mud and water all the way back.  Sometimes the water was waste deep to us but we had no fighting to do except our artilery fired a few shots at the yankee pickets.  The yankee throwed a few bombs from thear guns boats but did not hurt no one of us.  I March my shoos out and one pare of socks for we march one hundred miles.  we was gone just ten days.  I rote West a letter and direct it to his Regiment.  I will rite him one home today.  I mist sending my money home with Franklin Simpson.   I did not no he was going til about tin minets before he started and I never though of it but I will keep it to I get a good chance.  So I will close as Henry Hill wants to rite.  So nothing more remains.  Your affection son untill death.       

William A Elliott

Richard W Elliott

The following letter was on back of the same sheet:

Greenville N C
March 25 1863

R W Elliott

Dear Sir

It is with pleasure I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well at this time and hope those few lines will find you all well.  We have had one of the marches you read about.  We have bin marching ten days and we have had to wade creeks and branches for 3 days and we are all broke down but we are in camp now and we will recruit up in a day or two.  Well as the paper is nearly out I will close. Give my best respects to all of the girls so I remain your friend

H H Hill to R W Elliotte

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