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General Information
Andersonville Prison Diary of Frederic Augustus James
Andersonville Prison Trial of Captain Henry Wirz
Artifacts Tell Sad Tales of Civil War Prison Camp

Belle Boyd, In Camp and Prison
Brothers Bound: The Prisoner of War Experience

Chronology of the Prisoner of War Exchange and Parole Cartel
Civil War Concentration Camps
Civil War Prison Camps
Civil War Prisons in Illinois
Civil War Prisons and Prisoners

Civil War Prison Made Headlines
Civil War Prisons Message Board
Civil War Symposium Sheds Light on Prison
Civilian Prisoners of War
Confederate Prison May Have Been a Preferred One in the Civil War

Doing Time

Federal and Confederate Prisons
Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island
From Plantation to Penitentiary to the Prison-Industrial Complex: Literature of the American Prison

Hessian Barracks

Images of the Civil War: Prisoners and Prisons
In Their Own Words

Libby Prison Escape

Pennsylvanians Who Died at the Salisbury Prison Camp
Pennsylvanians Who Survived  Salisbury Prison Camp
Prison Camps of the Civil War 
Prison Camps of the Civil War
Prison Experience in Elmira, NY
Prisoner Exchange System
Prisoner Exchange
Prisoners and Prisons
Prison-Life in the Tobacco Warehouse at Richmond. By a Ball's Bluff Prisoner
Prisons, Paroles and POWs

Treatment of Prisoners - The Real Story
Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant of Andersonville Prison

West Tennessee Unionists in Andersonville Prison
Women Prisoners of War

Alton Prison
Andersonville Civil War Prison
Andersonville Civil War Prison-- Historic Background
Andersonville National Historic Site 
Atkinson's Factory

Barrett's Factory
Blackshear Prison
Belle Island Prison

Conditions at Andersonville
Civil War Prison Camp on Arsenal
Cahaba Federal Prison (AL)
Camp Butler, Illinois
Camp Ford Confederate Prison  
Camp Ford, Texas
Camp Randall
Life in a Texas Prison Pen - Camp Ford
Castle Godwin
Collapse of Union Jail in Kansas City, MO

Danville Prison
"Truly Horrible" Danville Civil War Prisons

Elmira Prison Camp Online Library

Prison Life at Fort Delaware
Fort Delaware Society
Fort Jefferson
Ft. Warren

Gratiot Street Prison

Hart's Island
SC POWs at Hart's Island, NY (1865)

Johnson's Island Civil War Military Prison
Libby Prison (photograph)
Libby Prison
Libby Prison
Liggon's Prison (General Hospital #23)

Old Capitol Prison  
Prison opposite Castle Thunder (Palmer's buildings)

The Prisons at Richmond
Rock Island National Cemetery, Arsenal, and Confederate POW Camp

Salisbury Civil War Prison
Salisbury Confederate Prison Association
Salisbury Confederate Prison Bibliography of Personal Accounts
Salisbury Prison and National Cemetery
Scott's Factory Prison
Smith Factory Prison

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Army Rations

Bill to Provide Supplies for the Army 

Guide to Civil War Materials

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Weapons and Artillery

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