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Flags of the Civil War, Naval and Maritime Information, and Uniforms and Dress

Flags of the Civil War

Alabama Civil War Period Flag Collection
American Naval Flags of the Civil War

Banners of Glory
Battle Flags of the Confederacy
Battle Flags of the Orphan Brigade
Bill Backs Flags on SC Licenses
Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue Flag
Bridgeman Flags

Civil War-era Flag Carried by Students
Civil War Flags (United States)
Civil War Flags of Illinois
Confederate Flag Controversy
Confederate Flags

Documenting The Civil War Period Flag Collection At The Alabama Department Of Archives And History
DuPage Military Flags

Fight for the Colors: the Ohio Battle Flag Collection
Flag and the Fury
Flag Emporium
Flag Guys
Flag Supporters Protest Alcoa's Parking Rules
Flags of the 10thMassachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Flags of the Civil War
Flags of the Civil War
Flags of the Confederacy
Flags of the Confederacy
Flags of the Confederacy
Flags That Have Flown Over Georgia

Great Seal of the Confederacy

History of the Confederate Flags

Illinois Regimental Civil War Flags
Iowa Battle Flag Preservation Project

McCain and the Flag

NPS Flags of the Civil War

Recoloration Proclamation: A John Sims Project

SC State Flag Controversy- David Beasley
Symbols in Battle, Civil War Flags In National Park Service Collections

Tennessee Civil War flags
To Some, Confederate Flag is Not Fitting Capitol Symbol

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Naval and Maritime Information

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Uniforms and Dress

Changes of the Uniform of the Army  
Civil War Rank Insignias
Civil War Uniforms
Civil War Uniforms Course   
Confederate Uniforms
Corps Badges

Enlisted Uniform History

Getting a Haircut in a Civil War Army

Historic Textiles Studio

Once Upon a Pattern: Vintage and Victorian Knitting and Crochet Patterns 

Reproduction Brogans and Lady's Shoes
Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1861

Socks for the Army of Tennessee

Uniforms of the Orphan Brigade
Union Uniforms
Use of Distinctive Colors in Civil War Uniforms

Western Campaign Confederate Uniforms
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