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Civil War Information

Miscellaneous Civil War Information

154 Masonic Families Founded a City of 170,000 in Brazil

American Civil War  
Are Squirrels Responsible for the Civil War? part II

Before the Voting Rights Act
Bits of Blue and Gray: An American Civil War Notebook
Brief Financial History of the Civil War
Burning of Princeton During Civil War
Charlies Boatworks  
Civil History of the Confederate States
Civil War: America's Epic Struggle  
Civil War Haiku
Civil War: Military and Political Records
Civil War Reflections
Civil War in the Mountain South
Civil War Soldiers System: The Inside Story
Civil War Tidbits and Trivia
Civil War Trails
Civil War Treasures (from the Connecticut Historical Society)
Coming Storm
Company Mascots
Confederate Colonies of Brazil
Confederate Rose Offers 19th-Century Flavor
Confederate Treasury

Dental Filling Materials in the Confederacy
Desertion in the Civil War Armies
Discipline in the Civil War Armies

End of the Civil War

Famous and Not-So-Famous People with Disabilities
Famous Civil War Masons
Flush Would Beat a Straight 
He Left His Mark on the Cliff
Headquarters Tent
Houseplants: Beauty and Clean Air
How the Civil War Soldiers Marched
How One Pig Could Have Changed American History
Humorists: New Tendencies After the Civil War

I was in the Civil War: A Reincarnation Experience 

Lake Village Arkansas
Laws of War 
Life in a Civil War Army Camp 

Mascots, Old & New
Memorial Day
Mobilizing for War

North and South on the Eve of the Civil War

Old Abe the Civil War Eagle
Old Pete at Liberty Place: Links to 1876 and Election 2000
Other Regimental Mascots
Outline of American History
Overview of the Civil War by Kim Floyd

Political "History"
Post at Alcatraz Island
Principles of War
Projects to Develop US Infrastructure
Provincetown, Masonry & the Civil War
Provost Marshal Forms
Provost-Marshal and the Citizen

Ranking is Everything 

Silent Guns: A Civil War Past Life Memory
Surrender of the Confederate Armies
Suspension of Habeas Corpus

Thanksgiving Holiday Origins   

War Between Neighbors
War of Northern Aggression
What is a Yankee?

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Facts about Different States in the Civil War (Alphabetized by State)


        A Few Soldiers of Old Tallapoosa
        Alabama Civil War Hospitals
        Alabama Civil War Map of Battles
        Alabama Civil War Roots
        Alabama Department of Archives and History
        Alabama Historical Commission
        Alabama Joins Civil War War
        Alabama State Bible
        Alabama State Bird: Yellowhammer

        Civil War in Alabama
        Civil War in Alabama
        Constitution of Alabama, January 7, 1861
        Decatur Alabama Civil War
        Documenting The Civil War Period Flag Collection at the Alabama Department of Archives and History                
        Secession & the Civil War in Alabama: A Detailed Time Line
        Stately Knowledge (AL)
        Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
        Wilson's Raid through Alabama and the Capture of Selma


        Arkansas Civil War Information        
        Arkansas Civil War Map of Battles
        Arkansas Civil War Soldiers And Sailors
        Arkansas Civil War Timeline       
        Arkansas History Commission       
        Civil War Arkansas
        Civil War in Arkansas
        Civil War in Arkansas
        Civil War Comes to Wolf Bayou
        Life in Confederate Arkansas         

Arizona Historical Society

        Battle of Picacho Pass

        Civil War in Arizona
        Civil War in Arizona
        Confederate Arizona
        Confederate Arizona (Essay)
Confederate Territory of Arizona
Confederates on the Colorado


        2nd Massachusetts and its Fighting Californians

        California's Part in the War of the Rebellion
        California Civil War Era

        California History Online
        California in the Civil War       
        California: The Civil War Years
 California Military History
        Civil War Archive: Union Regimental Histories, California
Civil War Legacy Of Orange County       

       Fort Tejon and California in the Civil War

        Journal of San Diego History

        Main Page America Hurrah

        Orange County [CA] Civil War Grave Registration

        San Francisco and the Civil War


        Colorado Civil War Casualties Index
        Colorado Civil War Map of Battles       
        Colorado Historical Society
        Colorado State Archives Military Records
        Colorado Volunteers Civil War
        Colorado's Role in the Civil War


        Connecticut Civil War Grave Sites
        Connecticut Historical Society
        Litchfield County, Connecticut
        Norwich, Connecticut
        Research Guide to Civil War Materials at the Connecticut State Library

Dakota Territory

        Dakota Genealogy Research: Historical Background of the 1890 Special Census of Civil War Veterans and Widows
North Dakota Civil War Battle Maps

        South Dakota State Historical Society
        State Historical Society of North Dakota


        Delaware Biographies
        Delaware Civil War Project
        Delaware Civil War Units
        Delaware Genealogy
        Delaware Historical Society
        Delaware History and Genealogy       
        Delaware Roster of Union Soldiers
        Delaware Union Regiments in the Civil War

       Guide to Civil War Holdings

        Official Fort Delaware Society Webpage

        Records Related to Delaware's Involvement in the Civil War

Calvin Shedd Papers; The Civil War in Florida: Letters of a New Hampshire Soldier
        Civil War in Florida
        Civil War in North Florida
        Civil War Florida
        Civil War In Washington County, Florida     
Confederate Soldiers of Jackson County, Florida       
        Florida Civil War Map of Battles
        Florida Civil War Soldiers Index
        Florida Confederate Pension Applications
        Florida Historical Society
        Florida in the Civil War
        Florida in the Civil War
        Florida in the Civil War Message Board
        Florida: Supplier of the Confederacy        

        Union Regimental Index: Florida

        WPA Veterans Graves Records for Jackson County, Florida


        Bartow County, Georgia, Confederate Soldiers of the American Civil War       

        Catoosa County, GA
        Civil War in Georgia
        Civil War in Georgia by Eastern Digital Resources
        Civil War In Jefferson County, GA
        Civil War in North Georgia
        Civil War in Rabun Co., GA
        Columbus, Georgia
Cornelius C. Platter Diary, 1864-1865

        Flags That Have Flown Over Georgia

Georgia Historical Society
        Georgia in the Civil War
Georgia in the Civil War Message Board

Index to Georgia Civil War Soldiers

        Life in Georgia During the Civil War

        Macon County, GA
Madison County, GA
Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops        

        North Georgia before the Civil War

        Sherman in Georgia


        Civil War Veterans Buried in Idaho
        Civil War Veterans in Idaho

        Idaho Civil War Map of Battles


        Alton in the Civil War       

        Database of Illinois Civil War Veterans Serving in the U.S. Navy

        Economic Development & Labor in Civil War Illinois

        History of Southern Illinois

        Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Database
        Illinois During the Civil War
        Illinois During the Civil War
        Illinois Fights the Civil War
        Illinois in the Civil War        
        Illinois in the Civil War Message Board
Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home - Admissions - Daily Record
        Illinois State Archives
        Illinois State Historical Society       

       Law & Society in Illinois and the Union        


        Civil War Indiana

        Indiana Historical Society

        Indiana's German Sons: 32nd Volunteer Infantry; Baptism of Fire, Rowlett's Station, 1861       


Brockway Family Website

Iowa Battle Flag Preservation
Iowa Historian, The Newsletter of the State Historical Society
Iowa in the Civil War
Iowa Volunteers Site

State Historical Society of Iowa


        Bleeding Kansas: An Old West Campaign in the Civil War        

        Kansas History
        Kansas in the Civil War
        Kansas State Historical Society       


        1890 Veteran and Widow Census - 14th Kentucky Veterans - Lawrence County Civil War Records

        Adair County and South Central Kentucky          

Battles in Kentucky
 Civil War in Lexington, KY
        Civil War Museum of the Western Theater
        Civil War in Morgan County
        Civil War in Southeast Kentucky         
        Civil War Rosters [of Kentucky       

Hart County Civil War Soldiers
        Kentucky Civil War Map of Battles
        Kentucky in the Civil War                
        Kentucky Had Two Confederate Governors 
Kentucky Historical Society     
Lawrence Co. Timeline        

        Primary Sources: Civil War Effects (KY)       


        Calcassieu Parish: Hotbed of Jayhawkers         
        Civil War in Louisiana Photo album
        Civil War Records
        Civil War Sites in Louisiana

        Jefferson Parish

        Port Hudson Photo Album
        Louisiana Native Guards
        Louisiana in the Civil War
Louisiana in the Civil War Message Board

        Military Units of Louisiana In the Civil War

        Union Regiments - Louisiana


        Canadians in Maine Military
        Civil War Veterans of Washington County, Maine

        Maine in the Civil War       
        Maine Regiments         
        Men From Maine       


        Civil War Boston
        For the Relief of the Soldiers: Yarmouth in the Civil War

        Individual War Records: Soldiers from Spencer, Massachusetts

        Massachusetts Civil War Military Units
        Massachusetts Civil War Research Center
        Massachusetts Historical Society
        Massachusetts Towns in the Civil War
        Massachusetts Volunteers
        MassHome Directory of Massachusetts Civil War Web Sites

        Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment


        Baltimore County Historical Society

        Cecil County Historical Society
        Civil War Crossroads
        Civil War Ghosts - Maryland Battlefield Images
        Civil War Traveler (Maryland)

        General Assembly Moves to Frederick, 1861 (MD)

        Maryland Confederates
        Maryland Historical Society
        Maryland In The Civil War       
        Maryland Map of Battles American Civil War
        Maryland State Archives

        Monocacy Battlefield, National Park Service Web Page
        Montgomery County Historical Society
        Olden - Virginia Genealogy: Confederate Dead, Antietam, MD (newspaper article 1872)

        Purnell Legion Monument at Antietam National Battlefield

        Roster of Queen Anne's Confederates
        Surratt House


        Historical Society of Michigan       

Michigan Civil War Information
        Michigan in the Civil War
Michigan in the Civil War Message Board         


        A Civil War Journal

        Biographies and Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota

        Fort Snelling, Minnesota
        Minnesota Civil War Map of Battles
        Minnesota Historical Society
        Minnesota Troops in the Battle of Nashville

        Norman County Minnesota Civil War Veterans       

        Union Regiments - Minnesota


        Black Mississippians in the Civil War
        Civil War in Mississippi
        Civil War in Mississippi Books
        Civil War Postal History of Vicksburg, Mississippi       
        Corinth Mississippi in Civil War

        Dixie Boys

        Ghost Town of Rodney, Mississippi

        History of Mississippi & Mississippi Culture
        Jasper County, Mississippi in the Civil War         
        Mississippi Civil War Information
        Mississippi Declaration of Secession
Mississippi in the Civil War Message Board
        Mississippi Links
        Rienzi Online        
        Tippah County

        University of Mississippi Libraries


        Chris Azevedo's Missouri Homepage
        Civil War in Greene County, Missouri
        Civil War in Missouri Facts
        Civil War, Slavery, and Reconstruction in Missouri
        Confederate Raid in Dogtown on September 19, 1864 (MO)

        Kansas City History

        Little Dixie Byway of the Great River Road        
        Missouri Civil War Museum
        Missouri Civil War Union Military Organizations
        Missouri Historical Society
        Missouri in the Civil War
        Missouri in the War Between the States

       Order No. 11 and the Civil War on the Border        

        Rolla, MO, in the Civil War

        St. Louis and the Civil War
        St. Louis in the Civil War
        St. Louis Massacre
        State Historical Society of Missouri

        Washington County, MO, in the Civil War          


        Civil War in Montana
        Glacier County GenWeb Project

        Montana GenWeb Project
        Montana Historical Society
        Montana in the Civil War
        Montana State Genealogical Society

       Vigilantes of Montana
       Virginia City, Montana       


        1895 Soldiers & Sailors Home

        Cass County Military page
        Civil War monument at the Courthouse in Aurora
        Correspondence" by Lieut. E. S. Dudley
        Cuming County Civil War Veterans

Dodge County Civil War page

 Frontier County Civil War Veterans

Nebraska Civil War Veterans
 Nebraska in the Civil War
Nebraska Regimental Histories
        Nebraska State Historical Society

 Platte County, Nebraska Civil War Veterans

Union Regimental Index


        Civil War Period in Nevada

        Find a Grave

        GeneaSearch: Nevada Lookups

        Nevada and the Civil War
        Nevada Census Online
        Nevada Church Records
        Nevada Civil War Volunteers                 
        Nevada State Genealogy Links

        Union Regiments - Nevada
        USGenWeb Archives Pension Project

        Why Did Nevada Become a State?

New Hampshire

        Calvin Shedd Papers
        Find a Grave
        History of Rochester, New Hampshire

        Letters Home From The Civil War

        New Hampshire Heritage, 1861-1865
        New Hampshire Historical Society
        New Hampshire Men Awarded the Metal of Honor In the Civil War
        New Hampshire Regiments
        New Hampshire's Civil War Connection        
        Regimental Index for New Hampshire

New Jersey

        New Jersey And The Civil War 1861 - 1865 
        New Jersey Before the Civil War
        New Jersey Historical Society
        New Jersey's Civil War History Page 1860 - 1865

        Princeton, New Jersey in the Civil War

        Union Regiments - New Jersey

New Mexico

        1890 Census Special Schedule - Survivors and Widows of the War of the Rebellion - Union Veterans of New Mexico

        Campaign in New Mexico
        Civil War in New Mexico
        Civil War Photos
        Civil War Sites in New Mexico     

        Fort Craig, New Mexico

        Historical Society of New Mexico

        New Mexico in the Civil War       
        New Mexico Civil War Commemorative Congress
        New Mexico Civil War Ladies League
        New Mexico Civil War Map of Battles       
        New Mexico USA Volunteers       

        Union Regimental Index
        Western Campaign: New Mexico & Arizona

New York

        Background Essay on NYC and the Civil War in 1863
Brooklyn Historical Society
        Brooklyn in the Civil War

        Cattaraugus County, NY in the Civil War
        Civil War in Central New York        

        Historical New York Times

Letters, Diaries, Reminiscences, and Journals of New York Soldiers and Nurses
        Long Island & New York - Civil War Information
        Long Island In the Civil War

        N.Y. GenWeb Project
        N.Y.S. Library
New York Historical Society
        New York State and the Civil War
        Newport, New York in the Civil War         

        State of New York and the Civil War

        Union Regimental Index
        Union Soldiers Buried in NY
        Westchester County and the Civil War
        Western New York in the Civil War

        State of New York and the Civil War

North Carolina

        Aftermath: Alamance County, NC
        Bertie County, NC

        Civil War on Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands         
        Confederate Prison & National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

        Fort Fisher: The American Malakoff

        Hyde County, NC, Confederate Soldiers

        Iredell County, NC

        Killed in Action, Stokes County, North Carolina

        Macon Co., NC in the American Civil War        

        North Carolina Civil War Homepage
        NC History: Reconstruction Period       
        North Carolina in the Civil War Message Board
        North Carolina Office of Archives & History

        Roanoke Island Freedman's Colony

        Salisbury Confederate Prison

        U.S. Colored Troops Formed In North Carolina

        Washington, NC        
        Winton, NC History

North Dakota

        Dead Buffalo Lake North Dakota


Oklahoma Historical Society


        African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850 - 1920
        Bibliography for Ohio In the Civil War

        Exhibit- Stamford and The Civil War        

        Ohio in the Civil War
 Ohio Historical Society
        Ohio in the Civil War
Trumbull County, Ohio in the Civil War


        Oregon Historical Society

        Chambersburg, Summer of 1864 (PA)
        Civil War in Pennsylvania
        Civil War Traveler: Pennsylvania

        Franklin County Through Confederate Eyes (PA)

        Historical Society of Pennsylvania

        Lancaster County, PA in the Civil War               

        Pennsylvania and the Civil War
        Pennsylvania in the American Civil War
        Pennsylvania in the Civil War
        Pennsylvania in the Civil War
        Pennsylvania Civil War Map of Battles
        Pennsylvania State Archives
        Pennsylvania's Civil War Conscientious Objectors Database
        Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War; Personal Histories

        Union County Civil War History
        Union Regiments - Pennsylvania        

Rhode Island

 Rhode Island Historical Society

South Carolina
        Civil War History in the Wateree Swamp (SC)
        Civil War in South Carolina
        Civil War in South Carolina       
        Crisis at Fort Sumter        

Historic Charleston Foundation

        Prisoners of the Civil War from South Carolina
        Property Seizures and Losses
        SC Information Highway
        SC prisoners held at Hart's Island, NY, 1865
        South Carolina Civil War Map of Battles
        South Carolina Department of Archives & History CSA Records
        South Carolina Genealogy
South Carolina Historical Society
        South Carolina in the Civil War        
        South Carolina State Militia & State Troops  
  Sherman's March: Final Revenge
Shot First Fired.

To this end it came!

War Between the States in South Carolina
York County Pension List
        York County South Carolina in the Civil War


        1890 Veteran's Census - Bledsoe County
        1890 Veteran's Census - Sequatchie County

        At Home in Wayne County, Tennessee during the Civil War

Benton County, Tennessee
Bledsoe County, Tennessee
        Blue and Gray from Hawkins County, Tennessee
        Bradley County Civil War Records

Carroll County, TN
        Civil War in Blount County, Tennessee
        Civil War in Knoxville, TN
        Civil War Knoxville: A Driving Tour
Civil War in Franklin County, TN
        Civil War in Tennessee: Primary Source Materials at the UT Special Collections Library
        Civil War in Upper Cumberland of Tennessee
        Civil War Sites Tour, Knoxville, TN
Civil War Soldiers in Roane County, TN
Claiborne County, TN
        Cocke County, TN
        Confederate Soldiers Rest / Historic Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN

 Ellis Harper, Partisan Ranger

        Information by County or City

 New Statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest Raises old Controversy in Nashville
Selected Statistics about the Civil War in Tennessee

        Tennessee and the Civil War
        Tennessee Civil War Home Page
        Tennessee Civil War Map of Battles
        Tennessee Civil War Sourcebook
 Tennessee Colored Pension Applications for CSA Service
 Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications (Roane, Loudon, Morgan & Cumberland Counties)
Tennessee Historical Society
        Tennessee in the Civil War
Tennessee and the American Civil War (Bedford County)
Tennessee Women in the Civil War


        Casualties of the 10th Texas Infantry at Jonesboro, Georgia August 31 and September 1, 1864
        Civil War Confederate Regiments from Texas cities/counties
        Colorado County Confederate Soldiers
        Confederate Soldiers of Northeast Texas

        Dromedaries in Texas

        Frontier Defense in the Civil War

Grayson County TXGenWeb Confederate Forces and Links

Handbook of Texas Online: Parson's Brigade
        Hood County, Texas      

        Most of North Texas Opposed Secession in 1860

Navarro County [TX] Confederate Units

Somervell County, TX

        Texans in the Civil War
        Texas Civil War Map of Battles        
Texas Confederate Pension Index       
        Texas During the Civil War
        Texas During the Rebellion: A Recent Historiography
        Texas Historical Commission
        Texas in the Civil War
        Texas Ranching Frontier        

        Texas State Historical Association
        Texas Union Regimental Histories

        South Texas Civil War Society

        War in Northeast Texas


        Blairs in the Civil War

        Civil War Manuscripts at the VHS library       
Vermont Historical Society
        Vermont in the Civil War
        Vermont Union Regiments


        Chesapeake Bay History         
        Civil War Richmond       
        Ground Beneath our Feet
        Guide to Virginia's Civil War               
        Staunton, VA in the Civil War

        Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation
        Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Pennsylvania and Virginia

        Virginia Civil War Homepage
Virginia Historical Society
        Virginia in the Civil War
        Virginia's Private War
        Virginia's Secession from the Union


Washington State Historical Society/Museum

Washington D.C.

        DC GenWeb Project
        GW, The Civil War, and Beyond

 United States Capitol Historical Society

West Virginia

        Civil War: West Virginia
        Civil War in West Virginia
        History of the Morgantown Fire Department
        Loyalty & Civil Liberty in Fayette County, WV

        McNeill Rangers: A Study in Confederate Guerrilla Warfare
        On the Way Home - West Virginia Soldiers on the Sultana
        Statehood for West Virginia: An Illegal Act?

        West Virginia Archives and History


        Wisconsin Civil War Camps
        Wisconsin Goes to War: Our Civil War Experience
        Wisconsin Historical Society
        Wisconsin Homefront The Civil War in the West
The Situation on the Border and in the West

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