A Confederate's Soldier's Life
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        The Confederate soldier knew the elements of his success -- courage, endurance and devotion. He knew also by whom he was defeated -- sickness, starvation, death. He fought not men only, but food, raiment, pay, glory, fame and fanaticism. He endured privation, toil and contempt. He won, and despite the cold indifference of all and the hearty hatred of some, he will have for all time, in all places where generosity is, a fame untarnished. With a temperament ill suited for the harsh discipline that army life required, fighting half starved in his thread bare clothes, the Confederate soldier was one of the finest warriors to ever take the field of battle in any army, in any war.
        What follows is a series of articles that describes the life of a Confederate soldier from the glory days of the opening of war, until that "tearful" day at Appomattox.

Part 1 - The Outfit Modified
Part 2 - Romantic Ideas Dissipated
Part 3 - On The March
Part 4 - Cooking and Eating
Part 5 - Improvised Infantry--To Appomattox Courthouse

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