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Army of Mississippi

        In December, 1863, Lieutenant-General Leonidas Polk, succeeding Pemberton, was put in command of the force of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana. It had two divisions of cavalry and a strength of about twenty thousand. This is the force that contended with Major-General Sherman in Mississippi during the winter of 1864. In May, Polk joined the Army of Tennessee to oppose Sherman's advance to Atlanta, and he then denominated his troops the Army of Mississippi. Polk was killed on Pine Mountain, Georgia, June 14th, and was succeeded by Lieutenant-General A. P. Stewart. On July 26th, the Army of Mississippi was joined to the Army of Tennessee as Stewart's Corps.
        Lieutenant-General Alexander Peter Stewart (U. S. M.A. 1842) was born in Rogersville, Tennessee, October 12, 1821. He resigned from the army in 1845. He entered the Confederate service from Tennessee, rising to the rank of lieutenant-general in June, 1864, which rank was confirmed the following year. He had a brigade in Polk's command in the Western Department, and later a division in the Army of Tennessee. He was wounded at Ezra Church in the Atlanta campaign, and after Polk's death, he succeeded to the command of the Army of Mississippi, which later became a corps of the Army of Tennessee. On March 16, 1865, he was assigned to the command of the infantry and artillery in that army. He died at Biloxi, Mississippi, August 30, 1908.
        Major-general Edward Cary Walthall was born in Richmond, Virginia, April 4, 1831. He became a lawyer, practicing in Coffeyville, Mississippi. He entered the Confederate service, in 1861, as lieutenant of the Fifteenth Mississippi Infantry, and in December, 1862, became brigadier-general, and major-general in June, 1864. He fought gallantly at Missionary Ridge and covered Hood's retreat at Nashville, where he prevented the capture of the Army of Tennessee by Thomas. In March, 1865, he had command of Stewart's Corps, Army of Tennessee, until the reorganization of April 9th, when he returned to the head of his division. After the war he became United States senator from Mississippi. He died in Washington, April 21, 1898.
Source: "The Photographic History of the Civil War"

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