"The Battle of Chattanooga"

Sept 21, 1863
Unable to hold lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, Rosecrans withdraws his forces to Chattanooga. Braggs Confederates occupy Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge.

Sept 25 - Oct. 24, 1863
To aid Rosecrans, Federal XI and XII Corps of Army of the Potomac are transferred 1,233 miles by rail from Culpeper to Chattanooga.

Oct. 23, 1863
Grant is given overall command in the west, and arrives in Chattanooga.

Oct. 26 - 27, 1863
Gen. Smith and 3,500 men sail down the Tennessee River and march across Moccasin Point to Brown's Ferry, chase-off Confederate Pickets and erect a pontoon bridge.

Oct. 28 - 29, 1863
At Wauhatchie, Longstreet's troops attack Federal XI Corps, but fail to drive them frome the newly-opened Union supply route from Bridgeport, nicknamed the "Cracker Line."

Nov 23 - 24, 1863
Grant sends Sherman and Hooker to envelop the flank of the Confederate position.

Nov 24, 1863
Bragg loses Lookout Mountain to Hooker's forces. Hooker proceeds to Rossville to threaten Bragg's left and rear.

Nov 25, 1863
Sherman's troops attack Confederate right at Tunnel Hill, but repulsed by Cleburne's and Stevenson's division.

Nov 25, 1863
Four divisions of Thomas' Corps advance up Missionary Ridge and rout the Confederate Center, while Hooker attacks their left. Bragg's Army is defeated and retreats deep into Georgia.
Source:  "The Atlas of the Civil War" edited by James M. McPherson

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