The Day Irish Left Us
This is an edited version of the conversation in WebAmerica's Civil War Chat Room, as it occurred, on the day we were notified of our friend Irish's death.

1st Co at [Jan 8 12:25:16]: Just a message today concerning Irish. He suffered a heart attack this morning, and is in very critical condition. Please offer your prayers.

shotgun at [Jan 8 12:29:04]: 1st Co. That is the most distressing news I have heard in a long time. Going to stop by the church on the way home. Keep us informed PLEASE!

TJ at [Jan 8 12:30:02]: That's terrible news, 1st Co. You must please keep up closely posted.

shotgun at [Jan 8 12:58:38]:


My friends we just got word that our friend Irish has suffered a heart attack and is in critical condition. Even though I have never spoken to him except through this keyboard, I feel as if I have known him for years. I am sure that many of you feel the same way. I know that your prayers, as mine, are with him.

Xan at [Jan 8 13:11:57]: Oh God, Shotgun, that's awful about Irish...where is he now, do you know? I remember he was traveling around quite a lot recently.

shotgun at [Jan 8 13:17:17]: Xan, all I know is what 1st Co sent up just a while ago. Scroll down just a few posts.

Xan at [Jan 8 13:19:35]: Okay Shotgun, I just was trying to remember if he was still in Colorado or back in California. I am still a little rusty on that prayer business, but will send up the best one I can muster, for Irish....see ya later then. :)

shotgun at [Jan 8 13:23:20]: Not to worry about being rusty Xan. Like riding a bicycle, you never forget how. Thanks. See ya later.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 13:50:29]: Our thoughts and prayers are with you Irish. -- *in and out*

Kady at [Jan 8 14:00:58]: Afternoon Guys! My prayers go out to both Irish and his family, and I'll have my Dad the Preacher Man put in a few too.

Saber at [Jan 8 14:17:11]: What's going on folks? Anything of interest?

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:18:05]: Saber, did you scroll back and see the notice about Irish. If not, you should do so.

Daze at [Jan 8 14:21:09]: My prayers are for Irish. *in and out*

Saber at [Jan 8 14:21:17] That is very bad news Shotgun. Mrs. Saber and I will of course include him in our prayers. Do you know if he was in California or not when this unfortunate event occurred?

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:22:36]: I have no idea Saber. The notice that 1st Co put up just a few posts prior to mine is all I know right now.

Saber at [Jan 8 14:24:07]: Please keep me informed Shotgun. I know you know the respect and the esteem in which I held Mr. Irish. I am very worried.

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:25:32]: You better know Saber that this room will know as soon as I know anything! I too, am quite concerned.

Saber at [Jan 8 14:27:56]: All we can do is pray for him and hope that all turns out well Shotgun. It somehow just doesn't seem enough does it? Do we know how old Mr. Irish is?

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:29:53]: Nor sure about age Saber. I think he is about 75. In this case I think prayer is the only thing we can do. Sometimes we are just helpless.

Coy at [Jan 8 14:31:30]: Afternoon all. I am very sorry to see the news about Irish. My prayers are offered for him. *in and out*

Saber at [Jan 8 14:31:36]: Sorry folks this news is a very unexpected shock for me as I am sure it is for you all. I guess you are right Shotgun.

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:32:06]: I say that about his age because he was in the war very early (made the landing at Tarawa) so he was probably between 18 and 20 when the war broke out in '41.

Saber at [Jan 8 14:40:00] Again I apologize I am just stunned by this news.

ks at [Jan 8 14:41:29]: Just scrolled and saw the news about Irish. He was in Colorado when we chatted within the past week. What distressing news...he's in our prayers as well.

Saber at [Jan 8 14:45:03]: Well you all I have had my shock for the day. I must be returning to work though I don't much feel like it. I know you will all include Mr. Irish in your prayers. G'bye you all.

Kady at [Jan 8 14:46:16]: bye Saber. Take Care.

shotgun at [Jan 8 14:48:44]: See ya later Saber. Got to run for a while myself. Be back later.

1st Co at [Jan 8 15:29:14]: Doctor Ernest Butner passed away today at 11:30 a.m. Mountain time. He was 76 years old. Old soldiers never die they just fade away. I will be in contact with the room when I can. The family thanks all of you for your prayers and kind thoughts.

Kady at [Jan 8 15:30:26]: Oh dear. Once again, my prayers and condolences are with you and yours 1st Co.

Mohawk at [Jan 8 15:30:50]: Hello everyone

AoT at [Jan 8 15:31:14]: TRULY a sad sad message.My sincerest condolences to the family of a most throughtful and gracious man.

Mohawk at [Jan 8 15:32:09]: 1stCo- I'm sorry. My prayers are with you.

3rdLa at [Jan 8 15:39:03]: We have lost a very professional and most informative part of the forum today. Irish's wisdom will sorely be missed by this group. Our hearts and thoughts are surely with his family.

3rdLa at [Jan 8 15:50:28]:


Irish is the name used by this individual on the internet in WebAmerica's Civil War Chat Room. He is a veteran of World War II and Korea and had planned on making the military a career. He served in the Navy, assigned to amphibious assaults for most of WWII. However, he was wounded at Iwo Jima, and was transferred to destroyers, and fought in the Phillipines and at Okinawa. His destroyer, the USS Rowe is seen in many photos from the deck of the Missouri. They led the ship into Yokahama harbor for the signing of the treaty. Since then, after nearly getting pushed off of the southern tip of Korea, he volunteered for amphibious assaults and was wounded severely at Inchon, loosing his left arm. His military career plans were ruined so he went back to college and eventually became a history professor at Pepperdine University outside of Santa Monica, Ca. His speciality is military history and has taught it for nearly fifty years.

ks at [Jan 8 15:52:21]: I just loved it when Irish would make the comment about his being an "18 year old mind trapped in a 75 (last year) old body". Trapped no more and free to experience all God's love. Faugh a balaugh... My sympathy to and prayers for his family.

Dan'l at [Jan 8 15:59:17]: I never communicated with Irish but it is apparent from the brief biography and the depth of feeling indicated on the previous messages that he was a man worth knowing . My sympathy and prayers go out to his many friends.. Dan'l

Daze at [Jan 8 15:59:35]: Irish you will not be forgotten. Thanks for all the information you gave so freely over the past year.I will be on Okinawa in March, and you and the other veterans who fought there will be remembered by me.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 16:02:00]: My deepest sympathies to Irish's family. You will be missed Mr. Irish.

Chris at [Jan 8 16:17:20]: I never had the pleasure to talk with Irish, but my sympathies go out to Irish's family. I'm sure he will not be forgotten.

Guest at [Jan 8 16:17:41]:

God hath not promised
Skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways
All our lives through;

God hath not promised
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
Peace without pain.

But God hath promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the labor,
Light for the way.

Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy
Undying love...

12NH at [Jan 8 16:33:24]: My deepest sympathies and prayers to Irish's family.

TJ at [Jan 8 16:49:35]: It's hard to believe that we'll never again see a post from Irish. He contributed much to this room--from daily chatter to the informative discussions he led on several Sunday evenings--and will be sorely missed. For about two weeks last summer, Irish and I almost exclusively inhabited the room during late-night. I was glad to have him all to myself for several hours each night, and remember being impressed with--but certainly not surprised by--how incredibly thoughtful his posts were. Quite a loss.

Vader at [Jan 8 16:51:55]: I just scrolled back and saw the sad news about Irish. I remember seeing him in the room from time to time and he WILL be missed. My sympathy goes out to his family and to us, we have lost a good friend.

Vader at [Jan 8 16:52:34]: Hey, Bretzky. How ya doing?.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 16:53:02]: All right Vader. Been a sad afternoon around here.

Vader at [Jan 8 16:54:57]: Bretzky, when I saw the news about Irish, my jaw dropped.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 16:56:43]: Yeah, me too. I learned a lot from him in this room.

Coy at [Jan 8 17:18:57]: Friends, I have come to think of many of you as 'family'. When I entered this room for the first time Irish was here to welcome me around the fire. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I will miss him. *in and out*

Kady at [Jan 8 17:58:54]: Hi guys.

Chris at [Jan 8 18:06:42]: How's it be with you?

Kady at [Jan 8 18:08:09]: I'm doing, pretty bummed about Irish though.

Chris at [Jan 8 18:09:46] Yeah, I've never talked with him, but he meant a lot to the people in here, and I do feel bad for everyone. It definitely hurts to lose someone special.

Reno at [Jan 8 18:51:05]: Hello, folks. I haven't been in the room much in the past 6 months, but I just got some very sad news about my old friend, Irish

Kady at [Jan 8 18:51:29]: HIya Reno.

Coy at [Jan 8 18:55:21]: Hello Reno....sad news indeed.

Reno at [Jan 8 18:56:44]: Hi, Kady, Coy, and AoT. The room is really slow on my end. Takes a long time to get each post. Did you folks know Irish?

Coy at [Jan 8 18:58:36]: Reno, I knew him from this room. He was one of the first to welcome me around the fire.

AoT at [Jan 8 18:58:47]: Reno I knew Irish from the room I am very sorry to hear of his passing. I never personally met the man but truly enjoyed his wisdom and dry wit.

shotgun at [Jan 8 18:59:03]:

My Friend, Irish

As I sit here this evening watching the outpouring of sympathy from all of our members for a friend whom none of us had really seen, yet knew as if he were our neighbor, I find myself drifting back over the past year that Irish has been amongst us. He was one who, if you took any five of us and combined our experiences and qualifications, could not approach his. Yet he was just as much at home chatting with our youngest member as he was with our oldest (me, next to him).

He was a true teacher. His method of asking you a question, not seeking the answer he already knew, but expecting you to tell him your thoughts on the subject, was truly a gift. Even though your answer may have been way off base he would make you feel that it wasn't all that wrong, it just wasn't entirely correct. Then he would proceed to enlighten you.

It was not unusual for me to turn on the computer and check my WebMail (Irish didn't do much Email but he sure found out fast how to use the WebMail system) and find a series of questions concerning a subject that we had discussed some days earlier, to which he fully expected me to respond. I think he taught me more about researching the war in the few short months that he was with us that most of my previous teachers combined. He absolutely would not take "I didn't have time to look up the answer" as an excuse. He would merely say "OK, I understand." Then proceed to WebMail me constantly checking on the progress of my research for the answer.

I am also convinced that he visited my website every time he had a computer available. I know that I could update it and not say anything, yet he would congratulate me on my newest addition and proceed to ask a series of questions on the subject. An amazing feat.

Irish, my friend, I knew you not, yet I loved you as a brother. Rest well comrade, you have earned it. But know that you will be sorely missed!

Kady at [Jan 8 18:59:21]: Not personally, but there were times when he was like a long-distance Grandpa to me.

ks at [Jan 8 19:02:57]: Hi Reno (& all). As I recall those first encounters with Irish and his choosing his name, I laugh. Remember how he thought it should either be Irish or "Old Fuddy Duddy"? THAT he certainly was NOT! Nice to see you btw...

Reno at [Jan 8 19:05:54]: Shotgun, thank you for posting that wonderful tribute. I just found out about Irish, because Ks was kind enough to send me an email. Irish was truly a remarkable man, and a great friend. Having been mostly absent from the room for the past few months, I feel an even greater loss. The things I could have learned!!! -- An opportunity missed.

Coy at [Jan 8 19:09:52]: Shotgun...very well said. Thank you.

JADE at [Jan 8 19:12:55]: Hello? *She walks meekly into the room*

Reno at [Jan 8 19:13:04]: Hi, Ks. Thanks again for the email, and passing along the sad news. I have an appointment right now, but I'll stop back in later tonight.

ks at [Jan 8 19:14:35]: You're welcome and DO come back, Reno. I need to sign off shortly myself.

Reno at [Jan 8 19:17:23]: Signing off for now, folks. But, I promise, I'll be on later tonight (maybe around 9pm PST). I'll try not to be such a stranger. Perhaps we can all share our own stories about Irish. Shotgun, I hope you'll put a special tribute to him on your web site. Anyway, I have to run for now (dang!) See ya'll. Reno ***GONE***

JADE at [Jan 8 19:20:46]: Thank-you AoT
Coy the pleasure is all mine. *She takes a seat and curls up to keep warm.* What is the topic tonight?

ks at [Jan 8 19:25:57]: I don't believe there is an official topic yet this p.m. The death today of a forum regular has taken the wind out of many sails here.
shotgun, your tribute to Irish was so very fitting...just as I expected to see. :)

Matt at [Jan 8 19:27:08]: Evenin' all, just heard the news about Irish, most upsetting. Shotgun, your tribute posted at 1900 certainly described the man.

ks at [Jan 8 19:27:22]: Greetings MAP.

JADE at [Jan 8 19:27:35]: Ks who passed on?

MAP at [Jan 8 19:28:22]: Hi, Fellow-Decaturite! Surely was sad news to hear of Irish's passing. He was a brilliant fount of knowledge to this forum. He will be missed. My condolences to his family.

ks at [Jan 8 19:29:53]: JADE - Professor Irish. He came on board 1/18 of last year. Incredible wealth of knowledge...gracious gentleman.

JADE at [Jan 8 19:31:02]: ks it sounds as though I have missed meeting a great man. A true loss.

AoT at [Jan 8 19:32:15]: As always it has been a pleasure folks ... yes the news of Irish's passing has had a very saddening effect... I regret to say I really must go, I have a very interesting week end plannesd at this end..I leave tomorrow to spend the week end at the infamous "Coon Chicken INN" a remote rustic cabin tucked away in Liberty Gap Tenn. fair to say that although there is neither electricity, running water or gas heat... large doses of Irish Whiskey, ale and other spirits will be consumed.

Augie at [Jan 8 19:43:01]: 21 gun salute and a bugle playing taps for Irish, even know I didn't know him very well Augie

3rdLa at [Jan 8 20:08:30]: Well, I think everyone is a little down tonight. My thoughts are sure on Irish and his family tonight.

Matt at [Jan 8 20:11:40]: Yeah, I would think you're right, 3rd. It's odd, one rarely meets the folks from the room, but lose one and it's like losing someone you've known for years as a personal friend.

MAP at [Jan 8 20:13:21]: I'm back in to say "good night" after a boot here. I just wanted to share one thing about Irish though before leaving. He had so much to share with all of us, yet he never let his handicap of only having one hand to type with slow him down or discourage him. He never complained. I admired him for this greatly. There will be an empty seat at this campfire now, but his legacy will long live.

3rdLa at [Jan 8 20:16:27]: Very nicely put MAP, and so true, good night Map

3rdLa at [Jan 8 20:19:02]: A very fine gentleman he was, lot of knowledge, lot of experience, glad I got to meet him, even if only in forum, don't think anyone will come along with his wisdom on military history.

3rdLa at [Jan 8 20:21:26]: Good night ya'll, good night Irish *gone*

Korky at [Jan 8 20:43:28]: I just wanted to add that I was very sorry to hear of Irish's passing. He was a great man who taught me alot. I always could count on him to ask me about the progress of my research on my uncle's story. He was most interested and helpful. I quote him alot when I reflect on whether or not the truth should be revealed when remembering back 53 years ago. I'll never forget his perspectives as he told about his war experiences and his search to learn more about his son. I regret the fact that I was never able to tell him about "my story" which he was most interested in getting. I also regret that we'll never get to meet him him in person at Gettysburg for the Longstreet dedication. But deep down I know he'll be there. I wouldn't be surprized if he went as a guest of Longstreet himself!

Farewell My Friend!

PHP at [Jan 8 20:46:18]: Korky,...excuse me---I've been gone a few days. Did Irish pass away???

Korky [Jan 8 20:47:58]: PHP, 1stCo came in today early to anounce that Irish had suffered a heart attack and then came on later to say that Irish had died. ks webmailed me.

guest at [Jan 8 20:48:38]: Longstreet on his right and Marse Robert on his left, Korky

Korky at [Jan 8 20:49:11]: You got that right!

PHP at [Jan 8 20:53:46]: Korky,...thank you for letting us know. I've just checked back along the posts and seen the others talking about it. Very sad. It is odd how we (most of us) don't know each other---yet we do know each other. I assign a personality and appearance to each of ya'll. I think its somehow better this way. I will miss Irish.

Greencoat at [Jan 8 20:54:00]: Evening everyone, the mood sounds a bit somber tonight.

PHP at [Jan 8 20:55:01]: Good evenin GC,...I just found out about Irish passing away.

Greencoat at [Jan 8 20:56:49]: I am sorry to hear about that PHP, I did not know him unfortunately, but I understand that he was a very kind person.

PHP at [Jan 8 20:56:55]: Ya know....with this crew we should get some Bailey's and throw a wake.Listenin to tha "Chieftans"!

PHP at [Jan 8 20:58:35]: Well GC,....I didn't know him personally, like some here, but he was always pleasant, and offering assistance here in the room to us newcomers.

Greencoat at [Jan 8 20:58:45]: Sounds good to me PHP, but it looks like it's just you and me right now.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:05:10]: I just scrolled back, and saw the very bad news. I am at a loss for words. 1st Co., if you see this, please accept my condolences. We have all lost a good friend.

PHP at [Jan 8 21:05:42]: Sorry GC,...forgot your location exactly?

PHP at [Jan 8 21:06:19]: Evenin Buford,...yes , it is sad news.

Buford [Jan 8 21:10:58]: Hello, all. You see, about eight weeks ago, I asked Irish to help me with something. My half of the Buford manuscript is too long at almost 400 pages. I asked Irish to read it for me to help me to identify places where I could cut it down without losing anything. He took the task very, very seriously, and I don't know if he finished it. I do know that I am very fortunate to have him touch my work and helpt make it better Ultimately, I am better for having had the good fortune of crossing paths with him. I will miss you, my friend.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:15:42]: Hear, hear, Buford. God rest his soul, Irish was a lucky man..alert, working, involved, happy by all accounts, and then BOOM. Final curtain. We all gotta go sometime, and there are many worse ways to do it. I raise a glass to him. ;~)

Buford [Jan 8 21:16:37]:  I am not much of a drinking man, Xan, but for a change, I think I will join you. To you, Ernie. Your friends will miss you.

PHP at [Jan 8 21:17:24]: To Irish.

ms morgan at [Jan 8 21:17:29]: Buford you still here?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:17:53]: Yes, I'm still here, ms. morgan. Bumming big time, but here.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:19:05[: Hello all. -- Bretzky

Buford at [Jan 8 21:19:22]: Brett, have you heard the bad news?

BJ at [Jan 8 21:19:56]: Good evening all--I'm saddened to hear of Irish's passing..He was very helpful when I first came to this website a few months ago, and told me of his great grandfather's experience at Andersonville....Our prayers and deepest condolences to his family and friends...May God Bless Him.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:20:07]: I'm afraid so Buford. It has been a lousy day all round today!

ms morgan at [Jan 8 21:20:28]: Yea Buford I understand...He will truly be missed!

Buford at [Jan 8 21:20:39]: I was in court for almost 8 1/2 hours today, Brett, so I just found out a few minutes ago.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:20:55]: Buford, it's funny, today was the first time I knew Irish's right name. I am so glad that at such an awful time, 1stCo had the thoughtfulness to let us know of events. Lord knows I would not be likely to have such presence of mind! *clinking glass with Buford*

Treefrog at [Jan 8 21:21:18]: Hello Bret Buford Ms Morgan and everyone else.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:21:51]: 1stCo told us about the heart attack this morning, then returned to tell us of Irish's passing this afternoon.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:21:56]: I agree, Xan. I guess 1st Co. figured that Ernie would have wanted us to know. I know I am grateful to him for letting us know.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:23:43]: Heya Bretz, BJ, Frog..welcome to the wake. Dirges, toasts and funny stories about Irish are all in order and officially on topic! ;)

Buford at [Jan 8 21:27:40]: The thing that always amazed me about him was the depth of his knowledge. I know a little bit, but I am and always have been both amateur and civilian. Ernie was both professional historian and career warrior. The depth of his knowledge was truly awe inspiring to me. The man could discuss almost anything having to do with military history and be conversant about that. To this day, I have always been in awe of that about him. There are only a handful of people that I have permitted to read the Buford manuscript, but there was never a question about letting Ernie read it--it just seemed to be the natural thing to do, and I was and am very grateful that he took the time to do it for me. 1st Co. once told me that Ernie spent an hour or two on it every morning, that he had taken his homework assignment very, very seriously indeed. We all lost something today, I think.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 21:27:47]: Xan I'm sorry to say I didn't know Irish all that well. He never seemed to be in when I was and when he was we just never had a chance to really talk.

ms morgan at [Jan 8 21:27:47]: I must head out also (children are requesting the presence of my company,to read a story tonight)catch you all later.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:28:26]: See you later, ms. morgan. Give them a special hug tonight.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:29:38]: Been scrolling back. Some kind words to our dear friend. Goodbye to those who left in the past few minutes.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:33:28]: See ya ms morgan..Frog, I know what ya mean, I was never around when Irish was nearly as much as I wish I could have been. It was worth it to get on after he'd been here and read what he told somebody else, though. ;)

fifer at [Jan 8 21:34:06]: Buford. I'm very sorry also to hear of Irish's passing. My fondest memory of him was his accounts of driving the 2nd Marines division ashore under harrowing machine gun fire at Red Beach at Tarawa. He was a hero at time time when heros were needed. He also lost a son in Vietnam. I will miss him very much.

Saber at [Jan 8 21:34:11]: Good evening folks. Has there been any other word on my friend Mr. Irish?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:34:30]: That's for sure, Xan. That's for sure.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 21:35:27]: Xan that's true. I'd have to agree with Buford. The One thing that always shocked me about Irish is no matter how outragious or arkward the discussion or question He could always come up with an apropriate and intellgent responce. Most of the time when I was in with him I didn't really say anything cause, I hate to say this, I was afraid I'd look like a fool next to him. :-)

Saber at [Jan 8 21:35:33]: I just scrolled back. I will return in a few minutes.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:35:38]: Sorry Saber. He did not make it.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:35:56]: That makes two of us, fifer. No, Saber, we're just reminiscing about our missing comrade. If I may, allow me to suggest that we play and listen to "The Vacant Chair" some time tonight?

fifer at [Jan 8 21:37:03]: I'll play it on the fife now. I wish you all could hear me.

cwc3 at [Jan 8 21:37:04]: I just read today's posts. How can we send condolences to Irish's family, and if not to late, has there been a post as to where to send flowers?

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:38:01]: I haven't seen anything yet cwc3, but hopefully someone will post an address.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:38:39]: Do that for us, fifer. I suspect we will all be able to hear it. cwc3, I sent an e-mail to shotgun to see if he knows the answer to just that question. How are you, general, by the way?

BJ at [Jan 8 21:40:18]: Did Irish have a favorite charity or cause that would accept memorial donations?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:40:48]: We don't know, BJ. We are trying to find out things like that.

cwc3 [Jan 8 21:41:08]: I'm doing fine Buford__I'll e-mail Richard too, I thought he might have posted on my web-mail but I understand that he's probably busy.

Saber at [Jan 8 21:41:21]: I'm back. Sorry I just wanted a few moments to digest the bad news. I know that I as well as you all wil miss him. Tonight the warrior sleeps with God.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:41:40]: How true, Saber. How true.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:41:52]: Amen Saber.

cwc3 at [Jan 8 21:42:19]: I'll be back in about 5 minutes

Saber at [Jan 8 21:43:01]: Good evening CWC3.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:43:56]: Tell us, Saber, what's your favorite memory of Ernie?

Xan at [Jan 8 21:46:33]: Saber, I'm sorry, I thought i had seen your name on after 1stCo posted the bad news. I wonder what other projects Irish had in the works besides his collaborations with you and Buford? Bet ya dollars to doughnuts there were dozens...with former students, buddies, historians. I remember right after I got on the board, he was off to a professional historians conference...on the Middle Ages! He was like a kid in a candy shop learning new stuff...;)

Saber at [Jan 8 21:47:17]: I think it was the discussions he and I used to have Buford. His depth of knowledge always kept me on my toes. I just thought that this article I am working on is because of him. If it gets published I wonder if they would allow me to dedicate it to him.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:47:53]: Irish and 1st Co. and Dracon had found this fabulous manuscript on the Battle of Cold Harbor that Buckshot is doing the maps for. He was very excited about it, and was really enjoying working with it to bring this story out so that people could enjoy it and appreciate it.

BJ at [Jan 8 21:48:23]: Did Irish have any of his work published?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:48:35]: I am sure they will, Saber. Just tell them the reason, and I am sure that they will.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:49:05]: BJ, I don't rightly know, although my guess is that the answer is certainly yes.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 21:49:16]: I think that dedication would be very fitting Saber.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:50:13]: Indeed, Xan. We are planning on publishing it, once it's ready. I am going to see to it that it's dedicated to Ernie's memory.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:51:11]: Buford, what was Ernie's last name again?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:51:37]: His name was Ernie Butner.

Saber at [Jan 8 21:52:22]: Buford, it is a good thing that the first draft is finished. I don't know if I would have completed it if this tradegy had occured at an earlier date. You know Buford Ernie made me think. Damn I'm going to miss that.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:52:48]: That makes two of us, Saber.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:53:16]: Thanks, Buford, BRB.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:53:20]: Saber, see my post at 21:27:40.

cwc3 at [Jan 8 21:54:56]: How could I get up with 1st Co.? Would he have any further information?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:55:49] All I have for him is a snail mail address, cwc3. Not much good under these circumstances. Sorry.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 21:56:49] I think one of my proudest moments in here was after a discussion on the constitution and the legality of Secession, I don't remember who with. I finished my statements and then left. I hung around awhile, as I always do, and saw Irish say "That kid has a lot of potential. He'll go places." I don't know why but for some reason that meant something a little extra coming from him.

Buford at [Jan 8 21:57:20] He said that to me, Froggie, and he meant it.

cwc3 at [Jan 8 21:57:21]: Hopefully, Shotgun will reply soon.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:57:56]: Any chance of getting an address through Pepperdine?

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 21:58:20]: Buford, was Irish married?

Buford at [Jan 8 21:58:52]: I believe so, Froggie. I am pretty sure I remember him mentioning his wife.

Xan at [Jan 8 21:59:22]: Frog, remember that and pass it on someday. You never know how that sort of karma works, it can turn somebody's life around. ;~)

Buford at [Jan 8 22:00:12]: That's awfully good advice, Xan. May I be so bold as to suggest that you say something of his passing in CWI, Xan?

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:01:03]: I'm sorry but what has happened that I'm in the dark about?

Xan at [Jan 8 22:02:02]: Buford, y'know, I've been kicking that around all day? I may have to boot Javal out of the Editorial column once i figure out how to say it. Thanks for the nudge. ;)

Buford at [Jan 8 22:02:20]: Our friend IRish passed away today, BAMdux. We have all lost a special friend today.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:02:50]: You're most welcome, Xan. I think it would be most appropriate.

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:05:06]: It is a sad day to here of a persons death and though I didnt know the man personally his family is in my heart and prayers.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:05:22]:  Xan, if you need some input, I would be honored to help. It's the least I can do.

Saber at [Jan 8 22:07:27]: He was a very special man BAMdux. He touched many in this room and will be missed greatly.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:08:37]: Sorry Got bumped.
Buford I don't know why but for some reason that stuck in my head. I don't know why I remember it. I remember it and saying Dang if Irish thinks that, who knows. Of all the people in this room he was the one that I looked up to most. For some reason I just remembered that.
Xan that's true. At the time that he said that I was questioning what to do, in the future. After that I kinda thought, yeah I can be a teacher. :-) I guess that sounds kinda cheesy huh?

Xan at [Jan 8 22:08:48]:   BAMdux, aside from 1stCo and Dracon, who were his sons-in-law, I don't know that there's a person in this room who ever laid eyes on Irish. He didn't even hang and chat and socialize for hours on end. When he graced us with his presence though....I'm trying to think of a comparison. It was like having Robert E. Lee just show up unexpectedly on your doorstep to have a cup of tea and talk. The experience and wisdom was all there.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:09:29]: Folks, I spent over eight very intense hours trying a case today and I am mentally and physically exhausted. Finding out about our friend's loss hasn't helped that much. I think I need to call it a night and try to get some sleep. I will say a prayer for Ernie and his family tonight, and I hope that you all will, too.

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:09:48]: If there is anything I can do to be of service just feel free to contact me.

Saber at [Jan 8 22:09:56]: That's not cheesy at all TF.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:10:16]: Well said, Xan. Froggie, I would be honored by that, too.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:10:42]: Good night Buford. Irish and his family will definitely be in our prayers.

BJ at [Jan 8 22:10:50]: Good Night Buford.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:11:05]: Buford, yeah, that would be a help. Any basic bio information, beyond what Shotgun has up on his page, thanks.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:11:16]: Buford. I've never been one for praying, but I'll try tonight. Good Night.

Saber at [Jan 8 22:11:19]: G'nite Buford. Take care my friend.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:11:28]: Sure, Xan. I will pass on what I can tomorrow.

Buford at [Jan 8 22:12:25]: Good night all. And good night to you, too, Ernie. I hope that you're in a better place now. Buford is *gone*

Xan at [Jan 8 22:12:40]: Night Buford..whenever you get the chance. Take care.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:13:05]: G'night Buford. Coy

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:13:12]: I surely will do that my friend Buford.

Saber [Jan 8 22:18:49]: Xan, it would be very nice if you could some kind of piece on the CWI about Ernie. I was there today and found that I have to have some more respect for Zolli as he is now published.

MAP at [Jan 8 22:19:06]: Good evening. I was just reading tonight's posts before tucking in. So many sincere things have been shared by forum members tonight about Irish. The world of the internet is very new to all of us and this certainly is a first for me to lose a cyber friend this way. I cannot help but wonder if it would be appropriate for Shotgun, since he has access to the posts, to put together the condolences and memories posted here and forward them to Irish's family. I know they will receive numerous sympathies from many sources, but he was so highly regarded by forum members also. Perhaps they would enjoy reading how he touched so many lives in such a positive manner. Any thoughts on the appropriateness of this?

cwc3 at [Jan 8 22:19:22]: I got an e-mail from Shotgun, and he said that 1st Co should be in the room tomorrow and give additional information.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:19:25]: Xan, I've been here all the time. Just sitting reading the posts and reflecting on what is being said. C

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:20:18]: Thanks for the update cwc3.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:20:46]: MAP I would support that 100%.

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:20:58]: A fine idea Map.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:22:21]: Hi MAP...both Shotgun and ks have the talent and the hard-drive space to save every post from today, edit out the irrelevancies, and send the remainder to Irish's family. Somehow I suspect one or both of them was on this before we even thought to mention it. ;)

BJ at [Jan 8 22:22:55]:  Map, I think his family would find alot of comfort from that....Great Idea!!

Saber at [Jan 8 22:23:15]: Thanks CWC3. Map its a great idea.

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:26:02]: Well ladies and gentlemen I must leave for this evening, but I will leave with these words in Latin in rememberence of a good person lost to a better place. (BAMdux valere iubere insignem amicmum) or BAMdux bids goodbye to a distinguished friend.

BAMdux at [Jan 8 22:26:23]: BAMdux is *gone*

Xan at [Jan 8 22:26:47]: Now here's MY suggestion...when 1stCo gives us some idea of what form Irish would have wanted memorial contributions to take, maybe we could coordinate them some way? Figure out how to phrase it that sounds more elegant than "From All His Cyber-Buddies at Aceweb"?

BJ at [Jan 8 22:26:48]: Well I have to get going...Take care everyone...and thanks.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:26:59]: G'nite BAMdux.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:27:27]: I'm gonna head out too. Night all.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:28:13]: Nite BJ and TF. Xan -- That's a good idea.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:28:16]: See ya BJ and Bamdux.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:29:12]: g'night TreeFrog.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:29:12]: Take care BAMdux, BJ, Frog...just remember Irish is having a rough time at the moment too, he has to get used to having two arms again after 40 years without one. ;)

MAP at [Jan 8 22:29:31]: I'd offer to help. but being computer illiterate, the burden is going to have to fall on the shoulders of others if it is decided that this what people want to do. It was just a suggestion. I really do need to retire now, but to the entire Butner family, know Irish will be missed by people who respected his knowledge and kindnesses here in this camp. My sincerest condolences to each of you in your loss today.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:30:23]: Leave it to Xan to find a silver lining in this dark cloud. :-)

acj at [Jan 8 22:30:58]: Excuse my intrusion, but what happened to Irish?

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:31:01]: Take care MAP.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:32:17]: See ya MAP...hi acj, Irish had a heart attack and died this morning. It was evidently very quick and he did not suffer or linger.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:32:52]: MAP...a very fine suggestion. Sleep well. G'night.

Saber at [Jan 8 22:34:05]: I am going to head out myself. Xan you will let me know what plans are made, won't you. I would like to say a final good night to Ernie. I know that as you sit with God you will watch over our discussions. Perhaps at times a smile will come to your face from what we discuss. You will see how you influenced all that share our fire. A final salute to you my friend. May God rest your soul. G'nite all.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:34:50]: G'nite Saber.

acj at [Jan 8 22:34:53]: I have not been a frequent visitor to this site since september, but I have had several chats with Irish. I don't know what to say except that I'm shocked.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:36:22]: You betcha, Saber. ;) G.night.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:37:00]: I too am going to head to bed and put this somber day behind me. Goodbye Mr. Irish, you will be missed. G'nite y'all.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:37:38]: G'night, Saber.

Bretzky at [Jan 8 22:38:06]: *gone*

Coy at [Jan 8 22:38:33]: Bretzky...see ya.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:38:59]: acj, there have been folks dropping in all day who haven't been here in a long time, who heard about Irish from other sources or email or something. It has been a shock to us all, believe me. Despite the man being 76, he just seemed like one of those who would go on forever.

cwc3 at [Jan 8 22:40:43]: Whelp folks, its get'n kinda late for me too. If you hear of anything Xan, please let me know. Thanks__

Xan at [Jan 8 22:40:46]: See ya Bretz, she said to his vacated portion of log..;)

Xan at [Jan 8 22:41:52]: Will do cwc3, although I'm sure it will get to Shotgun first. This news hit him hard, he hasn't been well himself lately; I'm sure he'll keep us all informed.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:43:06]: Xan, Isn't that amazing. How Irish has touched so many of us that we feel compelled to come from around the country, the world even, to pay our respects. Cannot tell me that he has not influenced us.

Zolli at [Jan 8 22:44:03]: To those of us in the South, no finer compliment can be paid a man than to refer to him as a "gentleman." In memory of Irish, gentleman-historian. God bless.

Melon at [Jan 8 22:44:52]: Evening all. Just dropped by to lurk a minute and saw the news. Though I don't know any of you and most of you I've never even spoken with, I feel in a strange sort of way I know something about you all. This was true of Irish , and I ,as you, will surely miss his invaluable input to this group. I am somehow reminded of how Irish sorta resembles George Bailey in that he obviously touched many lives with little or no knowledge of having done so, only in real life, unlike the character George, he got to be a war hero too. Seems to me a bell just rang somewhere.

acj at [Jan 8 22:45:45]: I extend my condolences to Irish's friends and loved ones. He did indeed touch many people. He will be in my prayers.

Xan at [Jan 8 22:48:54]: Coy, Zolli, Melon, you all said it exactly right, each in your own way. I did a brief search earlier and was unable to find any books attributed to Ernest Butner. I'm sure there are some out there with his name on them, but I am very sure that there are dozens or hundreds more with his name in a dedication, or a "thanks to", or no attribution at all that he nonetheless contributed to. And all from a guy who, by rights, should have been one of the anonymous dead at Tarawa.

Coy at [Jan 8 22:51:29]: Xan,I guess there was a 'plan'.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:52:09]: Xan God put's every one on Earth to acomplish something. He had plans for Irish when he lead him through Tarawa. If life is indeed a test, Irish passed with flying colours. - *back for awhile*

Melon at [Jan 8 22:57:30]: Must run. My condolences to all.

TreeFrog at [Jan 8 22:58:09]: well I gotta go again. The yard sticks coming out. *out*

Xan at [Jan 8 22:58:29]: Heya Frog...I am reconsidering that last line (of my last longwinded post I mean) and wish I had said "could" have been one of the dead, instead of "should". What I meant was, every one of those boys dead in the surf, from Tarawa to Normandy, could have gone on to lives as full of learning and teaching as Irish's was. He got the chance and took it; others got the chance and built a country and bred a Baby Boom; others lived through it bodily but wound up in VA psych wards where my dad worked. Frog, maybe you're right, it is all God's plan, but i have never been too comfortable blaming the Deity for what we humans screw up on our own. *rambling*

29mo at [Jan 8 22:58:54]: Farwell to a hero. To those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know. Goodbye to Irish, with thanks for what he did for us.

Xan at [Jan 8 23:01:25]: See ya Melon, bye Frog..Coy, my apologies for, well, rambling.

Xan at [Jan 8 23:02:09]: Heya 29mo, welcome to the tail-end of the wake. Nice quote you had there sir, thanks. ;)

Coy at [Jan 8 23:03:20]: Xan, no apologies needed. **Hi, 29mo. We are a somber group tonight**

TJ at [Jan 8 23:04:42]: Evening folks.

Coy at [Jan 8 23:05:25]: Evening TJ.

Xan at [Jan 8 23:11:23]: Heya TJ.

29mo at [Jan 8 23:11:32]: I can understand, Coy. We have a lost brother, a teacher, a scholar. One who willingly put himself in harm's way so that we may be here now, enjoying our freedom, our prosperity, our ease. His passing is to be not merely mourned, but also celebrated in honor of his life of contributions. We shall meet, but we will miss him. Hopefully, he will continue to exist through all of us. Shall we sll make it to 76.

TJ at [Jan 8 23:11:49]: Hi Coy, Xan.

Coy at [Jan 8 23:13:07]: Well, I guess I will leave at this time. G'night to all.

Xan at [Jan 8 23:13:47]: You got that part right for sure 29mo. What Irish taught, lives on. And teaches others, like Frog was saying earlier.May we all do as well..whether we last that long or not. ;)

Xan at [Jan 8 23:14:54]: See ya Coy, in fact I'll be right behind you. It's been a long day all..see ya tomorrow TJ, 29mo. ;)

TJ at [Jan 8 23:19:21]: I'll monitor for a bit.

guest at [Jan 8 23:52:11]:

We shall meet but we shall miss him
There will be one vacant space
We shall linger to caress him<br>
While we breath our evening prayer

When around the fire we gathered
Joy was in his kindly eyes
But a golden chord is severed
And our hopes in ruin lie

At our fireside, sad and lonely
Often will the bosom swell
At remembrance of the story
As our hero Irish told

How he strove to bear our banner
Through the thickest of the fight
And uphold our country's honor
In the strength of manhood's night

True, they tell us wreaths of glory
Ever more will deck his brow
But this soothes the anguish only
Sweeping o'er our heartstrings now

Sleep today, o early fallen
In thy green and narrow bed
Dirges from the Cyber Forum
Mingle with the tears we shed

We shall meet but we shall miss him
There will be one vacant space
We shall linger to caress him
While we breathe our evening prayer
--Ernest Butner--

Reno at [Jan 9 00:32:18]: Whoever it was that posted "Empty Chair," Thank you. I'm certain that Irish would be moved, as well.

ks at [Jan 9 00:35:46]: Hi Reno.

Reno at [Jan 9 00:41:04]: Hi, Ks. Good to see you this evening. The room is still slow, isn't it?

Reno at [Jan 9 00:43:00]: I meant to add, that was a very nice, and fitting "variation" on "Empty Chair."

ks at [Jan 9 00:43:52]: I think many have taken leave with their private thoughts tonight. Doesn't quite seem real to me yet. I've been reflecting on the word 'mentor' and how perfectly it applies to Irish.

ks at [Jan 9 00:49:41]: mentor - A wise and trusted teacher, guide, and friend. Yes, that was IMO what Irish was to this forum . What an impact he's made this past year.

Reno at [Jan 9 00:53:43]: I just scrolled back a ways, and discovered that Irish's name was Ernie Butner. That's something I didn't know.

ks at [Jan 9 00:59:24]: Nor did I, Reno. In fact I was pretty sure it was something else! Must have gone astray with the notes that night. ;) I really need to get upstairs and attend to somethings. It is so good to see your handle here. I hope you'll be able to get back in more regularly. While there's always an education to be had, some of the Sunday p.m. discussions have been VERY good. One slated for January 18th I do believe! Take care...

Reno at [Jan 9 00:59:28]: Yes, ks, I'm kind of in shock, myself. I'm remembering the time I told Irish that my father's WWII Army jacket was hanging a few feet from where I sat at the computer. Irish asked me, "Does it have a 'Ruptured Duck' on it?" Well, I had no idea what that was. Then he described it as an gold eagle pin that was given to any soldier who served in a combat zone. Well, there was, indeed a "Ruptured Duck" on my dad's jacket. I would never have known the significance of that without Irish. I'll think of him, along with my dad, every time I see that jacket.

ks at [Jan 9 01:01:48]: I remember that discussion Reno...incredible. :) Later...

Reno at [Jan 9 01:02:24]: Good night, ks. Thanks once more for letting me know. I'll be back more often. G'nite.

Peter Griffith at [Jan 9 01:42:21]: Goodmorning to all, Tonight I found the loss of another friend. This year I have lost two whom I felt close to. One I knew very well and another that I had never met but felt as though I had known him all my life. I will miss the professor in the room and on my e-mail circuit. Him and I never met eye to eye on most matter when it came to politics and the like. Yet we would always walk away friends. This type of person is hard to find. Most whom you do not agree with call you an enemy and treat you as such. Not Irish. One remark he made to me onece that I will always remember is "I would enjoy having you for a student Mr. Griffith because you are controversal and will stand your ground for what is right and what you believe in. Though I think you are wrong I admire you for this trait" I will miss talking to this man. I could dwell not only in the American Civil War but we would talk the English Civil War, Spanish Civil War ancient history ect. Few people in my life (other than my wife) are as knowlegable in the areas of history as a whole. My favorite was the discussing the usage of american aircraft in daylight bombing of WW II. Of course me against and him for it. He was a good man and I would have like to have gotten my history classes from him. Goodbye old man. Go now and be with the other 18 year olds that stormed the beachs and fought the sea battles of the Pacific to give me the freedom to come and go, speak and think as I wish and not have to worry about being silenced for what I believe in. Rest now and sleep for awhile with Gods lap as your pillow. I will miss you.

Jen (from Texas) at [Jan 9 04:20:51]: Goodmorning all, I haven't posted in here in quite a while, but I was terribly saddened by the news of Irish's passing, and I wanted to share my thoughts. He was a great guy, who warmly welcomed me in here when I first discovered the forum. I very much enjoyed my late night chats with him a few months back. He was always very informative and made me feel like I also had something to contribute to the discussions. His knowledge of all aspects of the Civil War was inspiring, but I was especially touched the times he shared his experiences of Tarawa, and when he spoke of his son. He always prompted chatters to do more reading and research, and I think he gave the younger folks in the room a great deal of encouragement. I felt honored when he sent me his and 1st Co.'s and Dracon's manuscript on Fredricksburg, and asked my opinion. I know he wanted to go to the Longstreet Dedication in Gettysburg, perhaps he will still be there along with those in the Forum who get to go. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family. Irish was a true American hero and will be greatly missed.

Kady at [Jan 9 07:42:50]: Good Morning all. As I stumbled around the house this morning, in silent anguish, I was listening to the Gettysburg soundtrack, and would like to dedicate Track number 8, "From History to Legend" to our dearly beloved Irish. In my mind, no song, nor title fits him better, we were all fortunate enough to cross paths with an inspiring man. We knew his history (a bit at least) and we shared history with him. We are now left not to weep for him, but are here to carry on his legend. *in and out*