Central Army of Kentucky

        Brigadier-General S.B. Buckner assumed command of the forces in central Kentucky, September, 1861, and he was followed October 28th, by General Albert Sidney Johnston. The troops were organized in two divisions with a reserve, and a third division, under Brigadier-General John B. Floyd, was added later on. Major-General Hardee had temporary command, December, 1861-February, 1862. On March 29, 1862, the Central Army of Kentucky, whose strength was about twenty-three thousand, was consolidated with the Army of the Mississippi, under the latter designation, with General Johnston in command and General P. G. T. Beauregard second.
        Lieutenant-General Simon Bolivar Buckner (U. S. M. A. 1841) was born in Kentucky, April 1, 1823. He served in the Mexican War and taught at West Point. He resigned from the army in 1855, and returned to Kentucky to practise law. He entered the Confederate service in September, 1861, taking command in central Kentucky. He commanded a division of the Central Army of Kentucky at Bowling Green and at Fort Donelson. On February 16, 1862, he surrendered the fort and garrison of Fort Donelson and was sent to Fort Warren as a prisoner of war, being exchanged in August. He was then made major-general and had a division in Bragg's army and was given a temporary corps at Chickamauga. He was made lieutenant-general in September, 1864, and was commander in several districts of the Trans-Mississippi Department. He was elected governor of Kentucky in 1887, and in 1896 was the candidate of the Gold Democrats for Vice-President.
Source: "The Photographic History of the Civil War"

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