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Alabama's Civil War Fighting Units

        On January 11, 1861 Alabama became the fourth state to leave the Union, its secession convention calling for a meeting of delegates from all Southern states in Montgomery, the state capital, on February 4.   At this meeting the new provisional government of the Confederate States of America was organized, with Montgomery selected as its temporary seat and Jefferson Davis elected president.  The Confederacy went to war financed largely by a $500,000 loan from the state of Alabama.
        In one section of northern Alabama, where antislavery feeling was strong, there was a movement to form a pro-Union state.  State Rep. Hugh Clay feared that an attempt would be made "to excite the people of North Alabama to rebellion vs. the State and we will have a civil war in our midst," but the movement failed.
        At the beginning of hostilities Alabama state troops seized forts at the entrance to Mobile Bay and the Union arsenal at Mount Vernon.  There was no fighting in the state early in the war, but in 1862 invading Federal forces held sizable areas.  To resist the invasion, almost every white Alabamian old enough to carry a gun enlisted in the Confederate forces.  Some 2,500 white men and 10,000 blacks had already enlisted in the Union army.
        Alabama supplied most of the iron used by the Confederacy, with an average annual output of 40,000 tons during the 4 years of war.  Not only did its 16 ironworks steadily produce iron for shot and shell, but the state's munitions plants manufactured the products.
        There are no statistics on Alabama's contributions to the Confederate army, but estimates vary between 75,000 and 125,000 fighting men from a population of just above 500,000 whites.  Estimates of losses range from 25,000 to 70,000.  The state furnished the Confederacy with 60-65 regiments of infantry, 12-15 regiments of cavalry, and over 20 batteries of artillery. (Source: Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War)
        This section of the site presents a brief history of each Alabama infantry regiment/battalion, cavalry regiment/battalion, and the artillery units,  and their service as shown in the Official Records.  The data was taken from "The Confederate Military History, Volume 7, Chapter IV."

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