About the Index of Civil War Information
Available on the Internet

        The "Index of Civil War Information Available on the Internet" was originally published and maintained by LSU's Civil War Center.  When it became impossible for the Civil War Center to continue to maintain the links portion of their website (due Hurricane Katrinia) the data base was transferred to the Home of the American Civil War Website.  During the preparation for publication under the management of civilwarhome.com it was found that of the nearly 7,500 links to Civil War sites provided, about 800 of them were no longer valid.  Unfortunately, there was no way to determine if these sites had been discontinued or had merely changed addresses.  Therefore, the "bad" links were deleted. 
        If you are the webmaster of a site, or know of a site, that you think should be added please contact us (address provided below).  It is our goal to provide at least 90% of all the links to Civil War sites on the Internet and we cannot do this without your help.  Additionally, if you have any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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