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The Third Alabama Infantry Regiment

        Col. Jones M. Withers organized the Third Alabama at Montgomery in April, 1861, and it was immediately dispatched to Virginia.
        Colonel Withers was very early promoted to the rank of brigadier-general, and Tennent Lomax succeeded him as colonel of the regiment. It won great honor in the battles of Seven Pines, Malvern Hill, Winchester, Cedar Hill, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Second Cold Harbor, Early's advance on Washington, the battles around Richmond, Petersburg and Appomattox. Colonels Lomax and B. B. Johnson were among the killed at Seven Pines. The regiment lost 207 killed, wounded and missing at the bloody battle of Malvern Hill.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. IX--(59) Mentioned by General Huger, Norfolk, Va., March 8, 1862. (431) General Huger, Suffolk, Va., February 13, 1862, says: "I have ordered 1,000 men, Third Alabama, to Suffolk."
    Vol. XI, Part I--(774) "The force opposed to us was the Third Alabama, 1,000 strong." Francis C. Barlow, New York volunteers, Fair Oaks Station, Va., June 2, 1862. (785) Col. Paul Frank, Fifty-second N.Y. infantry, says in report of battle of Fair Oaks: "Part of the right wing of the Third Alabama had broken the right of the Eighty-first Pennsylvania." (786) "The colonel and several line officers of the Third Alabama were killed."  (790) Mentioned by Col. John R. Brooke, Fifty-third Pennsylvania.
    Vol. XI, Part 2--(484) Rodes' brigade, D. H. Hill's division, Jackson's corps, Seven Days' battles. (505) 37 killed, 170 wounded, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (625-627) Mentioned in report of Gen. D. H. Hill. (630-632) Gen. R. E. Rodes' report. (633) Casualties, June 27th, 2 killed, 14 wounded; July 1st, 37 killed, 163 wounded.  (634) Mentioned in Col. J. B. Gordon's report. (635) Casualties as above, Malvern Hill. (636) Mentioned by Col. J. B. Gordon. (975-976) Casualties as above. 
    Vol. XI, Part 3--(435) Gen. Benjamin Huger, April 10, 1862, says that it is one of the best regiments. (650) Lieut.-Col. C. A. Battle in command, July 23, 1862.
    Vol. XIX, Part I--(808) Assigned as above. (1021) General Hill in his report of operations, July 23d-Septem-ber 27th, indorses General Rodes' report of Maryland campaign where he said that with the Fifth and Sixth, "the Third, commanded by Colonel Battle, deserve special mention for admirable conduct during the whole fight." (1024) Same report, further mention. (1035-1038) General Rodes' report of the battles of Boonesboro and Sharpsburg commends the regiment and its leader, Colonel Battle.
    Vol. XXI--(541) Rodes' brigade, Stonewall Jackson's corps (Lee's roster), July 3, 1862. (560) 1 killed, 2 wounded in the battle of Fredericksburg. (1073) Assignment as above, December 20, 1862.
        No. 39--(792) Assignment as above. Capt. M. F. Bonham in command. Chancellorsville campaign, May, 1863. (807) 17 killed, 121 wounded, battle of Chancellorsville.  (943) Mentioned in General Rodes' report of Chancellorsville campaign. (948) 15 killed, 128 wounded at Chancellorsville. (949) General Rodes in report says: "The Third Alabama regiment captured and have in their possession two stand of Federal artillery colors." (950-953) Several mentions in Colonel O'Neal's report; he says: "The Third Alabama, under the command of Capts. M. F. Bonham, John W. Chester and Watkins Phelan (and other regiments), though passing through a dense and tangled forest for a mile, all the regiments moved in a regular, unbroken line, the officers exhibiting the greatest coolness and daring, cheering on their men by both voice and example. Capt. Watkins Phelan was wounded in this charge. He, with Captain Bonham, who commanded the regiment, and Captain Chester, commanding the right wing of the Third Alabama, acted most gallantly. Each regiment did its whole duty. I am also greatly indebted to Adjts. A. H. Pickett and Samuel H. Moore, of the Third and Twenty-sixth Alabama regiments, who acted as aides, for valuable services in fearlessly carrying and delivering orders."  (954) Mentioned also in Col. J. M. Hall's report. (955-957) Report of Col. M. F. Bonham, commanding regiment.  (959, 960, 961, 976) Mentioned in reports of Colonel Lightfoot, Sixth Alabama, of Colonel Pickens, Twelfth Alabama, and of Gen. A. H. Colquitt. (1052) Confederate roll of honor, battle of Chancellorsville, Third regiment of infantry of Alabama: Sergt. Walter Ransom, Company C; Sergt. George H. Ellison, Company E; Corp. H. H. Hardy, Company G; Private C. D. Rouse, Company H; Corp. W. H. Powers, Company K. Companies A, B, D, F and L declined voting.
        No. 44--(287) Third Alabama, Col. C. A. Battle, O'Neal's brigade, Rodes' division, army of Northern Virginia, at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. (332, 342) 12 killed, 79 wounded at battle of Gettysburg. (444) General Ewell's report of battle of Gettysburg: "Third Alabama by some mistake left with Daniel's brigade." (560) In the skirmish at Manassas Gap. (563) List of field and staff officers present with their commands at the battle of Gettysburg . . . Col. C. A. Battle, Lieut.-Col. C. Forsyth, who sprained his ankle on July 2d, and Maj. R. M. Sands. (576) Mentioned by Col. William A. Owens.  (579, 580) Also mentioned in report of General Iverson. (587) Gen. S. D. Ramseur in his report says: "Colonel Battle, with the Third Alabama, rendered brilliant and invaluable service. Attaching his regiment to my command on his own responsibility, he came in at the right place, at the right time and in the right way." (592, 593) Mentioned in Colonel (General) O'Neal's report. (594) Report of Lieutenant-Colonel Forsyth. (594, 595) Report of Col. C. A. Battle, who says: "I received instructions to move with General Daniel. These instructions were followed until their longer observance became impracticable. I then sent an officer to General Daniel for orders, who on his return said that General Daniel had no orders for me; that I must act on my own responsibility. I at once moved upon the right of General Ramseur then advancing to the attack, and offered him my regiment. The offer was accepted, and my command acted under this gallant officer in a charge which drove the enemy from one of his strongholds and then rejoined Rodes' brigade. I am indebted to Lieutenant-Colonel Forsyth and Major Sands for valuable assistance."
        No. 45--(922, 1059) Rodes' brigade, June and July, 1863.
        No. 48--(399) In Battle's brigade, Lee's army, Col. Charles Forsyth commanding regiment, September 30, 1863. (412) Killed 1, wounded 1, Bristoe campaign. (617) 1 wounded, October 26 to November 8, 1863. (818) Assignment as above, October 31, 1863. (838) 5 wounded at engagement on Payne's Farm and operations, Mine Run. (888) Report of Col. Charles Forsyth on operations near Mine Run. Detachment of sharpshooters under Lieut. John T. Huggins of Company E. Columbus Dunn, Company A, slightly wounded; Benjamin Woodell, Company K, severely wounded; W. T. Hall, Company B, slightly wounded.
        No. 49--(683, 900) Assignment as above.
    Vol. LX--(1149) Joint Resolution of thanks to the Alabama troops who have re-enlisted for the war: Whereas, The Alabama troops, composing the brigade commanded by Brig.-Gen. Cullen A. Battle, in the army of Northern Virginia, volunteered in the service of the Confederate States in the early part of the year 1861, upon the first call for troops for the defense of Virginia, have participated in every battle fought by that army from the battle of Seven Pines to that of Gettysburg, always winning, by their gallantry and devotion deserved praise and honor; and now, after enduring for nearly three years the hardships and dangers of active military service, have re-enlisted for the war; Therefore, Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby cordially tendered, to the Alabama troops, who, by their renewing the offer of their services to the country for the war in advance of any legislative action, have shown a spirit undaunted, a heroic determination to battle ever until the independence of their country is established, and a consecration to the cause of liberty worthy of imitation by their comrades. Resolved, That the President be requested to communicate a copy of these resolutions to the commander and troops of said brigade, as an evidence of the grateful appreciation by Congress of their fortitude and heroism during the trials and dangers of past services and of their late acts of patriotism, confirming the faith and reassuring the hope of the patriot. Approved February 6, 1864.
        No. 67--(1024) Same assignment early in May, 1864. (1084) Mentioned in General Battle's report, operations May 8th.
        No. 88--(1217) Same assignment as above, August 31st. No. 89--(1194) Same assignment, Capt. Watkins Phelan in command, October 31st. (1246) Same assignment, Colonel Forsyth in command, November 30th. (1364) Same assignment, Colonel Forsyth commanding brigade, December 31, 1864.
        No. 90--(564) In Battle's brigade, Ramseur's division, Gen. J. A. Early. Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864. (1002) Army of the Valley district, August 20, 1864. (1013) With Second army corps, army of Northern Virginia, Gen. J. A. Early.
        No. 95--(1270) Same assignment, Capt. Cornelius Robinson, Jr., in command, Appomattox campaign.
        No. 96--(1172) Same assignment, January 31, 1865. (1181) Same assignment, commanded by Capt. Benjamin F. K. Melton. (1270) Same assignment, February 28, 1865.

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