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The Twenty-Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        This regiment was organized at Mobile in August, 1861. In April it was ordered to Corinth, and was under fire at Farmington, May 9th, and Blackland, June 4, 1862. It was in the Kentucky campaign, but did not become engaged; lost heavily at Murfreesboro, and was distinguished at Chickamauga, where it lost over 30 per cent. of its number, and at Missionary Ridge. It was with General Johnston in the campaign of 1864, and fought in most of the battles from Dalton to Jonesboro. It was at Columbia, Tenn., November 29th; at Franklin, November 30th, and at Nashville, December 15th and 16th.
        Capt. W. B. Smith and Lieutenant Cooper were killed at Murfreesboro, Capt. Wm. J. O'Brien at Chickamauga, and Capt. John B. Hazard, mortally wounded at Missionary Ridge, was taken prisoner and died at Johnson's Island.
        Its commanders were Cols. William A. Buck and Newton N. Davis, Lieut.-Cols. Benjamin F. Sawyer, Wm. B. Dennett, Geo. A. Jennison and Wm. M. LeBaron, Maj. Junius J. Pierce. Capts. S. H. Oliver and Thos. J. Kimbell were at times in command of regiment.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VI--(756) General Bragg, Mobile, October 25, 1861, says that "Colonel Buck's regiment has changed its time and tenure of service and is mustered in for twelve months." (819) Assigned to army of Mobile, General Withers commanding, department of Alabama and West Florida, Gen. Braxton Bragg, February 1, 1862. (875, 876) Aggregate present, 680, under orders from Fort Morgan to Corinth; report of Gen. Sam Jones, April 15th.
    Vol. X, Part 1--(789) Gen. J. K. Jackson's brigade, General Bragg's army, June 30, 1862.
    Vol. XX, Part I--(659) Anderson's brigade, Polk's corps, army of Tennessee, December, 1862. (678) Return of casualties, so killed, 95 wounded, at battle of Murfreesboro; Capt. William D. Smith killed. (696, 697) Captains of Twenty-fourth, Twenty-eighth and Thirty-fourth Alabama join in statement that these troops made the first, the second and the third charge at Murfreesboro. (758) General Withers' report of same battle says: "Private M. G. Hudson of the Twenty-fourth Alabama, long engaged in the assistant adjutant-general's office, rendered service on the field evidencing his fitness and capacity for a more responsible position. (973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro: Capts. W. D. Smith (killed), Company A: W. P. Fowler, F: John B. Hazard, I:W. J. O'Brien, B. Lieuts. J. A. Hall, Company K; A. B. Nelson, D; R. T. B. Parham, H; A. Young, A. Sergt. Maj. William Mink. Sergt. J. M. J. Tally, Company K: John Ives, A; Samuel S. Wiley, D. Privates Martin Duggan, Company B; Melbourn Deloach, C; Joseph Hall, E; Samuel M. Roberts (killed), F; A. W. Scott, G; James R. Green, H; N. Lankford (killed), I; A. Posey, K.
    Vol. XX, Part 2--(403) November 14, 1862, regiment transferred from General Jackson's to General Duncan's brigade, Withers' division. (432) Fourth brigade, Colonel Manigault, army of Tennessee, November, 1862. Lieut.-Col. W. B. Dennett commanding regiment.
    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(735) Assignment as above, April 1, 1863. (942, 959) Manigault's brigade, Withers' division, Polk's army corps, Col. N. N. Davis commanding regiment, August, 1863.
        No. 51--(15) Manigault's brigade, Bragg's army, battle of Chickamauga, September, 1863. (342-344) Mentioned in General Manigault's report: "The Twenty-fourth Alabama lost one of its most efficient officers, Captain O'Brien, a gentleman of accomplished mind, and a brave and gallant officer. Captain Chamberlain and Lieutenant Cooper of same regiment were severely wounded and their valuable services will be for a long period lost to their country. Distinguished for their conduct were: Captains Hazard, Oliver, McCracken, Fowler and Hall; Lieutenants Higley, Chapman, Parham, Dunlap, Young, Enholm, Wood, Hanley, Northrup and Short; Adjutant Jennison and Sergeant-Major Mink. Color-Sergeant Moody behaved with great gallantry." (345-347) Col. N. N. Davis' report of same battle mentions the above names, also that of Lieutenant Nettles. Speaks highly of the officers and gives those of the men who behaved with great gallantry during the entire day: Sergeant Nell and Private Crevillan, Company A; Sergeants Wylie (killed) and Moody, Company D; Sergeant Bumpers and Private Hall, Company E; Corporal Sweat and Private Boswell, Company F; Privates J. M. Ragland and C. P. Hurtel, Company G; Corporal Tatum and Private Smith, Company H; Sergeant New and Private Walters, Company I; Sergeant Tally, Privates Wilson, Carter, Scott, Love, Eubank and Fulmer, in fact, all of this company (K). J.B. Hall, a youth of 17 years of age, joined his brother's company (Company K)as an independent volunteer and fell mortally wounded while gallantly fighting the enemy some distance in advance of the regiment. The regiment went into action with an aggregate of 381, and lost, killed 22, wounded 91, missing 3. (349) Mentioned in report of Colonel Reid, Twenty-eighth Alabama. (534) Roll of honor: Privates Andrew Crevillari, Company A; Peter Cusac, B; G. C. Wells, C; Sergt. George Moody (color-bearer), D; Privates Thomas Hamilton, F; William Ginnery, H; William W. Meadow, I. (Companies E, G, and K declined selecting.)
        No. 55--(659) Assignment as above, November 20, 1863. No. 56--(617, 805, 825, 886) Assignment as above, December, 1863, Col. N. N. Davis commanding. Total present, 278, December 14th.
        No. 58--(589) Assignment as above, January 20, 1864, Lieut.-Col. Ben F. Sawyer commanding.
        No. 59--(623) Orders given by General Forrest ordered revoked, March 14, 1864. (869) Assignment as above, April 30th.
        No. 74--(640, 649, 656, 663, 671) Assignment as above, to August 31, 1864. (781) General Manigault in report of battle, July 28, 1864, speaks of "Twenty-fourth Alabama, Capt. S. H. Oliver;" says: "Lieut. Geo. A. Jennison, acting assistant adjutant-general, severely wounded, was conspicuous for courage and energy." (783, 784) Captain Starke H. Oliver's report of Twenty-fourth Alabama, same day, says: "Col. N. N. Davis had been appointed division officer of the day." Loss was 2 killed, 14 wounded. Lieut. Andrew Young, of Company A, was wounded while leading to the charge. Lieutenant Barbour, of Company F, was wounded while leading his men and fell into the hands of the enemy. (787) Mentioned in report of Captain Horne for July 22d and 28th.
        No. 93--(664) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864, Capt. Thomas J. Kimbell in command of regiment.
        No. 98--(1064) Consolidated with Twenty-eighth and Thirty-fourth, under Col. John C. Carter.
        No. 100--(734) Assignment as above, March 31, 1865, Lieut. L. A. Lavender in command of regiment.

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