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The Twenty-Third Alabama Infantry Regiment

        This regiment was armed by private enterprise and organized at Montgomery in November, 1861; first served at Mobile and then in the Kentucky campaign. It took a prominent part at Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, and lost heavily; was at Baker's Creek, May 16th; at Big Black, May 17th; and served in the trenches during the siege of Vicksburg, May 18th to July 4th. It joined the army of Tennessee in October, 1864, and fought at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, November 23d to 25th; was with Johnston in his campaign in Georgia in 1864, and suffered very heavily at Jonesboro; was with Hood in Tennessee, and did splendid service in covering the retreat of Hood's army from Nashville. The regiment last won distinction at Bentonville, March 19-21, 1865. Capt. John Stevens was killed at Port Gibson, Col. Franklin K. Beck at Resaca, Maj. A. C. Roberts at New Hope, Capt. F. Butterfield at Atlanta, and Captain Rutherford at Jonesboro. Other field officers were Col. Joseph B. Bibb and Majs. Felix Tait, Francis McMurray, John J. Longmire, G. W. Mathieson and James T. Hester.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VI--(764, 765) General Bragg, writing from Pensacola, November 5, 1861, says: "Colonel Beck's regiment, already armed by private enterprise, is ordered to report to General Withers at Mobile." (772, 819) Aggregate present, 674, December 2d. District of Mobile, commanded by Gen. J. M. Withers. (894) Sent to Knoxville by General Bragg, February 18, 1862.
    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(715, 719) Taylor's brigade, department of East Tennessee, Gen. Kirby Smith, June and July, 1862. (984) In Tracy's brigade, same army, October, 1862.
    Vol. XVII, Part 1--(684) Mentioned in Gen. S. D. Lee's report of battle at Chickasaw bayou, near Vicksburg, December 28-29, 1862. (688, 689) Col. W. T. Withers' report of same.
    Vol. XVII, Part 2--(825) Two companies mentioned in field report of General Tracy's command, January 3d, at Chickasaw bluffs.
        No. 36--(664) Mentioned with commendation in Gen. J. S. Bowen's report of the battle of Port Gibson, Miss., May 1, 1863. (673, 674) Gen. M. E. Green's report of same battle: "All fought well and did their duty. All stood at their posts until ordered to leave." (678-682) Mentioned, I. W. Garrott's report of same battle.
        No. 37--(95-97) Mentioned in Gen. C. L. Stevenson's report, battle of Champion's Hill, Miss., May 16, 1863. (101-103) Gen. S. D. Lee's report: "The enemy was handsomely repulsed by the Twenty-third Alabama regiment, Forty-sixth and Thirtieth, all under the gallant Col. F. K. Beck, having moved forward under a heavy fire and driven back a battery of the enemy. These three regiments behaved with distinguished gallantry." (326) In Lee's brigade, army of Vicksburg, General Pemberton commanding, July 4, 1863. (343) Mentioned by General Stevenson in his report of siege of Vicksburg. (350-352) Gen. S. D. Lee says: "Regiment fought gallantly at the siege of Vicksburg; Colonel Beck was particularly brave and vigilant." (352, 353) Capt. A. C. Roberts' report of engagement at Big Black river, May 17th. (354) Mentioned in report of Maj. G. W. Mathieson of same engagement. Colonel Beck had his leg badly broken by kick from horse. Lieut. M. A. Cobb, an efficient and gallant officer, wounded in head. Seventeen were killed, 15 wounded; two of the latter died subsequently.
        No. 55--(129) Mentioned by Gen. Gordon Granger at Orchard Knob, November 27, 1863. (662) In Pettus' brigade, Breckinridge's corps, army of Tennessee, General Bragg commanding; Lieut.-Col. J. B. Bibb commanding regiment, November 20, 1863. (724-726) Return of casualties, 2 killed and 16 wounded in the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, November 24th and 25th.
        No. 56--(804, 823, 884) Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee. Total present, 374, December 14, 1863.
        No. 57--(482) General Pettus reports 7 wounded, 1 mortally, at Rocky Face, February 25, 1864.
        Nos. 58, 59, 74, 78--Assignment as above, January to September, 1864.
        No. 93--(665, 1224) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864, under General Hood.
        No. 94--(799, 801) Aggregate present 202, January 19, 1865.
        No. 98--(1065) Assignment as above after April 9th. Maj. Jas. T. Hester in command of regiment. (1098, 1099) General Pettus' report of Bentonville, March 19th, highly commends Col. J. B. Bibb for vigilance and activity.
        No. 100--(733) Pettus' brigade, Lee's corps, army of Tennessee. Hardee's army corps, near Smithfield, N. C., March 31, 1865. Maj. James T. Hester commanding regiment.

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