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The Twenty-Second Alabama Infantry Regiment

        This regiment was organized at Montgomery, November, 1861, and armed by private enterprise. It first served in Mobile; from there it was ordered to Corinth and reached Tennessee in time for the battle of Shiloh, where it suffered severe loss. It fought at Munfordville, September 14 to 16, 1862; at Perryville, October 8th, and at Murfreesboro, December 31 to January 2, 1863. It took a very brilliant part in the impetuous assault on Rosecrans' army at Chickamauga, September 20th, and suffered severely, losing almost two-thirds of its forces, the killed including five color-bearers. It served in the campaign in Georgia, losing heavily in the battles around Atlanta, July, 1864, and at Jonesboro, August 31st and September 1st It was also distinguished at Franklin, November 30th; at Nashville, December 15th and 16th; at Kinston, N. C., March 14, 1865, and at Bentonville, March 19th to 21st. In April it was consolidated with the Twenty-fifth, Thirty-ninth and Fiftieth, under Colonel Toulmin.
        Col. John C. Marrast died in the service, after having made a glorious record. Capt. Abner C. Gaines was killed, and Maj. R. B. Armistead mortally wounded, at Shiloh. Lieuts. J. N. Smith and J. H. Wall fell at Murfreesboro, Lieut.-Col. John Weedon, Capt. James Deas Nott and Lieuts. Waller Mordecai and Renfroe were killed at Chickamauga; Col. Benj. R. Hart, Capt. Thomas M. Brindley, Lieuts. Leafy and Stackpoole at Atlanta, and Capt. Ben. B. Little was killed at Jonesboro. The other field officers were Col. Zach C. Deas, afterward a noted brigadier-general; Col. Harry T. Toulmin, now U.S. district judge; Lieut.-Cols. Napoleon D. Rouse and Herbert E. Armistead; Majs. Thomas McPrince, Robert D. ArmIstead and Robert Donnell.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VI--(764) General Bragg, in letter of November 5, 1861, near Pensacola, writes: "Colonel Deas' regiment (Twenty-second Alabama), armed by private enterprise, ordered to report to General Withers at Mobile." (772) Aggregate present, 709 for duty, with General Withers, district of Alabama, December 2d. (819) With General Bragg, February 1, 1862, in department of Alabama and West Florida, in army of Mobile, commanded by General Withers. (836) Ordered to Corinth by General Bragg, February 26, 1862.
    Vol. X, Part I--(13, 383) In General Gladden's brigade, army of Mississippi, battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862. (538, 539) Report of Col. Z. C. Deas says: "The indomitable courage and perseverance of the officers and men of this brigade; the willingness and gallantry with which they marched to the attack when called upon, after having endured almost superhuman fatigue in the desperate and long-continued struggles of Sunday and Monday, are deserving of the highest encomiums. Where so many acted nobly, it might appear invidious to particularize, but impartiality compels me to record as first in the fight the First Louisiana infantry and Twenty-second Alabama. I wish here to call the attention of my superiors to such field officers as especially distinguished themselves in my immediate vicinity for their coolness and gallant bearing under the hottest fire, Lieut.-Col. John Marrast, Adjutant Travis and Sergeant Nott." (540) Strength of regiment after the battle of April 6th was only 123. Col. J. Q. Loomis in his report of same battle, speaks in high terms of praise of Colonel Deas. (541) Col. Z. C. Deas' report says: "Maj. R. B. Armistead was mortally wounded in the first engagement, but he fell where every brave soldier should be found to fall, in the front rank, doing his whole duty and urging his men on to victory. In him his country has lost a most intelligent and gallant officer." (542, 543) Report of Col. J. C. Marrast: "Captain Gaines, Company C, was killed, gallantly leading his company." On Monday morning, April 7th, the regiment was 143 strong. The following officers and privates are mentioned for being particularly conspicuous for soldierly bearing and bravery during the two days' action: Company A--Capt. John C. Weedon, Lieut. J. M. Whitney, Corps. Alexander Inman (killed), S. V. Cain (wounded), W. D. Sumner (wounded), Privates J. L. Penley, J. J. Faught. Company B--Capt. J. D. Nott, Privates Bartlett Anderson (wounded), H. C. McMillan. Company C--Capt. A. L. Gaines (killed), Private Frank Allen. Company H--Private William West. Company I--Capt. A. P. Love (wounded), First Sergt. S. J. Skinner. Company E--Capt. J. R. Northcott, Sergt. R. J. Moore (wounded), Corp. James M. Tedder (wounded). Company K--Capt. B. R. Hart, Lieut. R. L. Myrick (wounded), Privates Aaron Coffey, Monroe Brown. Company D--Capt. E H. Armistead, Capt. R. J. Hill (wounded), Adjt. E. F. Travis (wounded), Sergt.-Maj. Nott, Quartermaster-Sergt. C. I. Michailoffsky. (788) Gardner's brigade, Bragg's army, June 30th. (839) Mentioned in report of Gen. Joseph Wheeler; skirmish near Farmington, May 10th. (853) Mentioned in report of Col. Jos. Wheeler, operations May 28th and 29th.
    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(764) Gardner's brigade with Gen. Leonidas Polk, August 18 and 20, 1862.
    Vol. XVII, Part 2--(633) Gardner's brigade, Bragg's army, June 30, 1862.
    Vol. XX, Part 1--(658) Withers' division, army of Tennessee, Stone's River campaign. (677) Casualties, 11 killed and 83 wounded. Among the killed, Lieuts. J. N. Smith and J. H. Wall. (973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro, December 31 to January 2, 1863: Sergt. W. D. Sumner, Company A; Private William Sellers, Company B; Corp. J. L. Husbands, Company C; Sergt. B. T. Nelson, Company D; Sergt. P. A. Minton, Company E; Corp. N. B. Walker, Company F; Private J. R. Black, Company G; Corp. W. R. Larry, Company H; Private J. J. McVey, Company I; Private J. N. Eilands, Company K.
    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(735) Twenty-second and Twenty-fifth Alabama commanded by Lieut.-Col. Geo. D. Johnston, Deas' brigade, Polk's army corps, April 1, 1863. (942) Col. John C. Marrast in command, July 31st. (958) Lieut.-Col. John Weedon in command, August 10, 1863. No. 51--(15) Deas' brigade, Bragg's army, September 19 and 20, 1863. (335-337) Capt. Harry Toulmin's report of the battle of Chickamauga: Went into action with 371 men: 44 killed and 161 wounded; total loss, 203. "Capt. J. D. Nott and Lieut. Waller Mordecai, of Company B, fell mortally wounded. No truer patriots ever lived; no better, braver soldiers ever died. Sergeant Leary, bravely bearing the colors, fell severely wounded. The colors were then seized by Lieutenant Leonard, and borne by him until wounded. They then fell into the hands of Lieutenant Renfroe, Company K, who gallantly carried them to the front and planted them almost within the enemy's line. We lost many brave spirits, none of whom deserve more honorable mention than Lieutenant Renfroe, who fell pierced through the head, with colors in his hand. Here, too, fell our brave, our true, our loved commander, Col. John Weedon. Having led with distinguished coolness and bravery his command to within 20 paces of the enemy's line, he fell to rise no more. He fell beneath the honored folds of that cherished flag, under which he had so gallantly led his brave men. Private Bushnell, bearing the colors, rushed fearlessly to the front and in advance of the line, where he was literally riddled with bullets. Where all did so well, both officers and men, it would be hard to discriminate, but I cannot fail to mention the coolness and gallantry of Adjt. W. G. Smith, and to express my appreciation of services rendered by him during the battle; nor can I close without the honorable mention of Lieutenant Michailoffsky, of Company B, whose conduct was so worthy the cause in which he fought, and whose gallantry was so conspicuous on every part of the field. I am proud to be able to state that the command displayed such conduct on the battlefield of Chickamauga as will entitle it to another star in the crown of glory it has already won."
        No. 56--(617, 805, 886) Assignment as above, October to December, 1863. (825) Total present, 272, December 14th. Lieut.-Col. Benj. R. Hart commanding.
        No. 74--(640, 648, 656) Assignment as above, April to July, 1864. (663) Johnston's brigade, July 31, 1864, Capt. Isaac M. Whitney in command of regiment. (776, 777) Report of Col. Harry Toulmin (commanding. brigade) of operations, July 28, 1864, Atlanta campaign, says: "We mourn the loss of many brave spirits who have given up their lives in defense of their country's cause. Prominent among these was Col. B. R. Hart, of the Twenty-second Alabama regiment. It was in the first charge on the enemy's main line of works that he lost his life while gallantly leading on his men and cheering them to victory." (777, 778) Report of Capt. I. M. Whitney, for July 28th, 5 killed and 35 wounded. "Lieutenant Leary, gallantly bearing the colors, fell with the folds covering his body. Lieutenant Stackpoole fell at the head of his company."
        No. 93--(664) Deas' brigade, Hood's army, December 10, 1864. Regiment commanded by Capt. W. H. Henry. (684) Maj. E. H. Armistead wounded at Franklin, November 30, 1864.
        No. 98--(1064) Brantley's brigade, Lee's corps, Johnston's army. After April 9, 1865, consolidated with the Twenty-fifth, Thirty-ninth and Fiftieth Alabama, under Col. Harry T. Toulmin.
        No. 100--(734) Deas' brigade, army near Smithfield, N. C., commanded by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, March 31, 1865. Regiment commanded by Capt. Isaac M. Whitney.

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