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The Twentieth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        This regiment was organized in Montgomery, September 16, 1861. Its first service was at Mobile. It was in the campaign in Kentucky, under Gen. Kirby Smith; then was sent to Mississippi; fought with great gallantry and sustained severe loss at Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, and Champion's Hill, or Baker's Creek, May 16th; was distinguished for bravery in the siege of Vicksburg, and surrendered with that fortress. After being exchanged the regiment joined Bragg and fought with great gallantry at Missionary Ridge, and, during the campaign of 1864, took part in nearly all the battles from Dalton to Atlanta. It suffered severely at Rocky Face, May 5-9, 1864; Kenesaw, June 27th, and Jonesboro, August 31st and September 1st; but with unabated courage fought at Nashville, December 15 and 16, 1864; at Kinston, N. C., March 4, 1865, and at Bentonville, March 19th to 21st.
        Its field officers were Cols. Isham W. Garrott, who was promoted brigadier-general and killed at Vicksburg, June 17, 1863; Robert T. Jones, who was transferred to the Twelfth Alabama and killed at the battle of Seven Pines; Edmund W. Pettus, who was promoted brigadier-general and afterward became United States senator; Charles D. Anderson and James M. Dedman. Its lieutenant-colonels were Mitchell T. Porter, and John W. Davis, who was wounded at Rocky Face and at Marietta. Its majors were Alfred S. Pickering, killed at Port Gibson, and John G. Harris. Capt. Jack Ayres, a gallant officer of the regiment, was killed at Jonesboro.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VI--(772) Aggregate present, 836, December 2, 1861, district of Alabama, Gen. J. M. Withers commanding. (819) Army of Mobile, General Withers; department of Alabama and Florida, General Bragg; Mobile, February 1, 1862. (894) Bragg dispatches war department that regiment is on way to Knoxville, February 18, 1862.
    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(715) In Barton's brigade, department of East Tennessee, Gen. Kirby Smith commanding, June, 1862, Col. Isham W. Garrott commanding regiment. (719) In Reynolds' brigade, department of East Tennessee, July 3d. (984) In Tracy's brigade, Second division, troops under Gen. Kirby Smith, October, 1862.
    Vol. XVII, Part 2--(825) General Tracy gives regiment 630 strong, January 3, 1863.
        No. 36--(678-682) Col. I. W. Garrott's report of the battle of Port Gibson, Miss., May 1, 1863, speaks of the fearless and chivalrous Lieut.-Col. E. W. Pettus; also of Capt. J. McKee Gould and Lieut. J. W. Parish, Capts. R. H. Pratt, B. D. Massingale and J. N. Dedman; Maj. A. S. Pickering fell mortally wounded while nobly discharging his duty; Sergt. Earle here fell while fearlessly carrying the colors. Loss, 18 killed, 112 wounded. Sergt. Powers highly commended; also Colonel Smith.
        No. 37--(95) Mentioned in Gen. Carter L. Stevenson's report of the battle of Champion's Hill, Miss., May 16, 1863. (101-103) Mentioned in Gen. Stephen D. Lee's report of same. (326) In S. D. Lee's brigade, army of Vicksburg, Lieut.-Gen. John C. Pemberton commanding, Col. E. P. Pettus commanding regiment, siege of Vicksburg, May 18 to July 4, 1863. (329) Col. Isham W. Garrott killed, June 17, 1863. (345) General Stevenson in his report of siege speaks most highly of Lieutenant-Colonel Pettus and Colonel Garrott. (350-352) Mentioned by Gen. S. D. Lee: "The officers who attracted my attention were Col. Isham W. Garrott, of Twentieth Alabama, the pure patriot and gallant soldier who was killed on June 17th while in the fearless discharge of his duties, respected and loved by all who knew him; a more attentive and vigilant officer was not in our service. Col. E. W. Pettus, Twentieth Alabama, won the admiration of every one by his daring on May 22d, and by his uniform good conduct during the remainder of the siege." (353) Mentioned in Capt. A. C. Roberts' report of siege. (357, 358) In report of Col. T. N. Waul, of assault May 22d, says: "Lieutenant-Colonel Pettus, thoroughly acquainted with the locality and its approaches, came, musket in hand, and most gallantly offered to guide and lead the party into the fort. Three of Colonel Shelley's regiment also volunteered; with promptness and alacrity they moved to the assault, retook the fort, drove the enemy through the breach they entered, tore down the stand of colors still floating over the parapet, and sent it to the colonel commanding the legion, who immediately transmitted it with a note to General Lee."
        No. 38--(612, 703) In Tracy's brigade, Stevenson's division, department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana; Gen. John C. Pemberton commanding. (1059) In Lee's brigade, Stevenson s division, army of Vicksburg, Demopolis, Ala., August 29th.
        No. 55--(662) In Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee, General Bragg commanding, November 20, 1863; Capt. John W. Davis commanding regiment. (724) Return of casualties: 9 killed, 39 wounded, Missionary Ridge. (725) General Cheatham in special orders thanks the officers and men of his command. He says: "It was Pettus' brigade (of his division) which first checked an enemy, flushed with victory on Lookout mountain, and held him at bay until ordered to retire." (731-732) Mentioned in Gen. E. W. Pettus' report of the battle of Missionary Ridge: "The Twentieth Alabama behaved gallantly."
        No. 56--(804, 823, 884) In Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee, December, 1863. Total present, 526; Lieut.-Col. M. T. Porter commanding regiment.
        No. 59--(869) Assignment as above, April 30, 1864; Col. J. M. Dedman commanding regiment.
        No. 74--(641, 649, 656, 663, 672) Assignment as above, April to August, 1864. Capt. I. W. Davidson commanding regiment, July, 1864..
        No. 78--(853) Assignment as above, September 20, 1864. No. 93--(665, 1224) Assignment as above, to December, 1864. (694) Gen. C. L. Stevenson's report of campaign in Tennessee, September 29 to December 17, 1864. Regiment highly commended.
        No. 94--(799, 801) Aggregate present, 334, January 19, 1865. Pettus' brigade, Lieut.-Col. John W. Davis commanding regiment.
        No. 98--(1065) Assignment as above. Forces commanded by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, April 9, 1865; Lieut.-Col. James K. Elliott commanding.
        No. 100--(733) Assignment as above, March 31, 1865, Lieut.-Col. John W. Davis commanding.

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